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Because no single control or monitoring technology works for every flow application, Branom Instrument Co. provides a large selection of flow control and monitoring products. We offer instrumentation and equipment for magnetic flow, Coriolis flow, vortex flow, ultrasonic flow, and other flow measurement processes. 

Coriolis Flow Meters & More from Top Manufacturers

We offer a wide variety of flow instrumentation products, including mechanical flow switches, thermal flow switches, primary elements, positive displacement flow meters, and more from the industry’s most trusted manufacturers. Our full inventory includes:

  • Coriolis Flow
  • Magnetic Flow
  • Mechanical Flow Switches
  • Open Channel Flow
  • Orifice Plate
  • Positive Displacement Flow
  • Sonic Velocity/Concentration Measurement
  • Thermal Mass Flow
  • Ultrasonic Clamp On Flow
  • Venturi Tube
  • Vortex Flow
  • and more

Startup, Programming & Service

Branom offers service and onsite calibration for flow control and monitoring instrumentation in the field, as well as startup and programming assistance for new equipment. We’ll help you get the best performance and the best results from your flow management system.

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