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Flow Meter Verification

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Does your regulating agency require annual flow meter verification?
Many city, county, and state agencies now require businesses to have their flow meters tested on an annual basis. Branom Instrument Co.’s testing processes allow in-situ testing of your meter(s). No process shut down or meter removal is required.

We provide a fast, inline test that is traceable to national and international standards. Our test provides confirmation that your meter is working within the OEM’s specifications. Contact Us for more information.


Branom Instrument Co. can provide assistance with startup, troubleshooting, and testing of MagFlo meters and clamp-on flow meters. Our verificator system ensures accurate measurement and correct operation of the following Sitrans FM MagFlo meters:

  • MAG 1100
  • MAG 1100F
  • MAG 3100
  • MAG 5100W
  • MAG 5000
  • MAG 6000

Our testing system provides an in-situ check of performance without interrupting the flow meter installation. It is fully automated with predefined factory-accepted levels to provide accurate results in less than 15 minutes with no expensive installation or removal costs. Full verification reports are provided to confirm meter performance according to quality standards as handover approval from contractor to end user.

Testing Information 

Verification is carried out at the transmitter location. Test is not affected by liquid flow or cable length.

Transmitter Test: Transmitter verification checks the whole electronic system from signal input to output. Using a traceable, calibrated precision network, the verificator simulates flow signals to the transmitter input. By measuring the transmitter outputs, the verificator calculates its accuracy against defined factory values

Flow Meter Insulation Test: Verification test of the system’s flow meter is a “cross-talk” test of the entire flow meter, which ensures that the flow signal generated in the sensor is not affected by any external influences. By generating dynamic disturbances close-coupled to the flow signal, the flow meter is tested for noise immunity to a maximum level.

Sensor Magnetism Test: The sensor magnetism test ensures that the magnetic behavior is unchanged. The current sensor magnetism is compared with the “fingerprint” which was determined during initial calibration and stored in the SENSORPROM memory unit. This unique test is fulfilled without any interference or compensation of surrounding temperature or interconnecting cabling.

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