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Force Measurement Instrumentation

Force measurement instrumentation includes analog and digital gauges used to measure and display force readings in a specific numerical value. The versatility of these pressure instruments allows use for force measurement and testing, compression testing, or tensile testing. Laboratories and manufacturing facilities use force gauges for research, quality control, product testing and development, and material testing applications.

Digital and Mechanical Force Gauges from Leading Manufacturers

Branom Instrument Co. offers force measurement instrumentation from WIKA, NOSHOK, and Shimpo. Our inventory includes digital and mechanical force gauges delivering high accuracy and reliability for your most critical applications. Our team has extensive experience researching and sourcing pressure instrumentation and will help you find the best solution for your process.

 Analog Force Measurement Instruments

Our inventory includes several analog force measurement gauges from Wika and NOSHOK. Options include mechanical and electronic force measurement models with direct or capillary sensor connections. We also carry analog force measurement gauges that can operate without an external power supply.

Applications for analog force gauges vary widely but include robotics, measurement and testing equipment, production lines, control systems, and overload detection equipment.

Digital Force Measurement Gauges

Digital force measurement gauges include low and high capacity models providing high accuracy for destructive and non-destructive applications. We stock a range of digital force measurement gauges from Shimpo, including standard models and gauges featuring memory and data output. CE and RoHS certified models are also available.  

Applications for digital force measurement gauges include laboratory, quality inspection, R&D, and product testing.

Contact Branom to Discuss Our Force Measurement Solutions

As an authorized distributor, we work with manufacturers across the globe to deliver high-quality force measurement gauges and instrumentation to our customers. If we don’t have the exact product you need in stock, we’ll work with you to source the right solution for your force measurement application. Request a quote today or contact us to discuss your needs.

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