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Flow Control Valves

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Flow control valves come in pneumatic and electrically actuated styles and are designed to control the flow of liquid or gas through a pipe. These valves are used with s flow meters and other sensors and controllers to optimize system performance.

Manual and Actuated Flow Control Valves

Branom Instrument Co. is an authorized distributor of flow valves from trusted industry manufacturers, including Warren Controls, Clarke Valve, NOSHOK, WIKA, Tescom, and Asco

Our selection includes automated and manual valves to meet a broad range of flow monitoring needs. If you are unable to find the flow valves you need on our website, we will work with you to source the products your application requires.

Actuated Flow Valves

Actuated flow valves automatically open, close or modulate a valve in response to signals from temperature gauges, flow meters, controllers and other instrumentation. These flow valves are designed to operate remotely and provide benefits such as improved safety and quality assurance. We offer air actuated and electrically actuated valves from Asco, Warren Controls, Tescom and Clarke Valve.

Manual Flow Valves

Manual flow valves feature a handwheel or hand lever to open and shut off fluid flow manually. We offer manual flow valves from NOSHOK, WIKA, and Marsh in three options:

  • Manual Ball Valves: Quarter-turn valves featuring a pivoting ball used to block or allow flow through the valve.
  • Manual Butterfly Valves: Moderate flow control valves that work well for applications involving slurries or fluids containing debris.
  • Manual Needle Valves: Multi-turn valves used for fine control of flow.

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We provide an extensive inventory of flow control valves and other instrumentation for regulating fluid flow and pressure. As an authorized distributor and manufacturer’s representative, you can entrust Branom to help you find the best solution for your application.

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