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To meet the unique requirements of customers in numerous industries, Branom Instrument Co. provides a wide range of level instrumentation, from basic floats and mechanical point switches to complex ultrasonic and radar level transmitters.  Below you will find the two types:

Continuous Level Point Level

Capacitive Sensors & More from Leading Manufacturers

Our extensive, in-stock inventory includes high quality, high performance instrumentation solutions from the industry’s leading manufacturers. We offer mechanical and digital tank level indicators, a variety of point level switches, transmitters, indicators, liquid level sensor modules, and more. We stock:

  • Capacitance Probe Switches
  • Mechanical Floats
  • Rotating Paddle Switches
  • Ultrasonic Switches
  • Vibrating Tuning Fork Switches
  • Hydrostatic (Pressure) Transmitters
  • Guided Wave Radar
  • Non-Contacting Radar
  • Magnetostrictive Sensors
  • and more

Programming, Startup & Service

Branom can assist you with the programming and startup of most level sensors and other instrumentation products. We also offer service and calibration of instruments in the field. Our expert service technicians will help you get the best performance and the best results from your equipment.

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