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Managing multiple processes and preventing catastrophic events requires equipment that delivers data and notifications in real-time.   Internet and Ethernet-based monitoring equipment allow you to manage your facility from virtually anywhere, as long as there is a signal available. Monitor one or several processes, including temperature, flow, and level either within a facility, out in the field, or across multiple locations.

Trusted Solutions for Remote Equipment Monitoring

Branom works with trusted manufacturers to deliver reliable remote processing solutions for your industrial monitoring applications. Our inventory includes monitoring solutions from Omnisite. If you do not see the products you require mentioned on our site, contact us, and we will work with you to source the remote monitoring equipment you need.

Cellular Monitoring Devices

Remotely monitor and control processes with web-based notification systems. Cellular monitoring devices feature web-based alarm notification systems—no landline telephone or radio systems required. These devices also require no software for installation, making them easy to set up and use.

Visual Alarm Lights

Beacons go beyond the features you find on standard alarm lights. These lighting systems provide a visual and audible alarm for on-site monitoring and send alerts to a user’s computer or handheld device for off-site, 24/7 monitoring.

Web Portals and Mobile Apps

Monitor processes and access data using web-based portals and mobile apps. With no software to install or servers to purchase, you can immediately start monitoring and managing operations in real-time. The service sends notifications via voice message, email, or text, including graphs and charts.  

An intuitive, user-friendly interface makes it easy to view and analyze performance trends, view your alarm history, and access interactive maps.

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Achieve connectivity across all your operating locations with remote monitoring systems and equipment. We offer a broad range of in-stock process monitoring solutions and provide technical assistance to get your equipment up and running.

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