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Signal conditioners convert electrical input signals from sensors into a different output format, allowing the signals to be read by controllers, displays and data acquisition devices. The processes used to convert these signals depend on the instrumentation involved and typically include amplification, linearization, excitation, electrical isolation, and cold junction compensation.

Typical applications for signal conditioners include:

  • Converting AC Signals to DC Signals
  • Converting Thermocouple or RTD signals to Analog DC Signals
  • Converting, Retransmitting and Amplifying Low AC and DC Signals
  • Monitoring Voltage and Current Ranges

Industrial Signal Conditioners for Instrumentation Control & Monitoring

Branom Instrument Co. has over 30 years of experience helping customers find the right process instrumentation for their application. Our team carries extensive technical knowledge and has the resources and expertise to provide installation and troubleshooting experience, either on-site in the Pacific Northwest or through our service line.

We work with Absolute Process Instruments, Inor, Red Lion, and other manufacturers to provide trusted solutions for all your process monitoring and control applications. Our inventory includes signal conditioners in various styles for use in frequency, process, and temperature applications.

Options include:

  • AC Input Signal Conditioners
  • DC Input Signal Conditioners
  • I/O Compatible Signal Conditioners
  • Current and Voltage Transmitters and Alarms
  • Signal Splitters
  • Loop Isolators

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Branom Operating Co. offers signal conditioners and other process instrumentation and accessories for all your control and monitoring needs. We’ll help you find the right product for your application and budget. Our team also provides technical assistance, including setup, calibration, and repair to keep your systems operational.

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