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Wireless radio products use wireless signals to transmit and receive measurement data from flow, level, temperature, pressure, and analytical process instruments throughout a system or network. Wireless radio communication allows the reliable transmission of large amounts of data, making it a popular choice for remote data transfer applications.  

Wireless networks are typically less expensive to install and require less maintenance than wired networks. They provide high-speed data transfer over a vast network and allow information to be accessed from virtually anywhere and at any time.  

Wireless Radio Communication Systems

Branom Instrument Co. is a distributor and rep. of process instrumentation from leading manufacturers. We’ve worked with customers across numerous industries and make every effort to source products that deliver the quality and performance you expect.

We offer several wireless radio products from Banner Engineering and KROHNE, including gateways, nodes, and accessories. If you need something other than what is listed on our site, contact us and we’ll help you find the exact wireless radio you need.

Radioline Gateways

These wireless communication devices provide continuous data transfer for infrastructure applications with larger networks. Radioline gateways use a license-free radio modem to transmit serial data, digital and analog signals, and digital pulses over a range of up to 12 miles.

Industrial Wireless Radios

Wireless radios set up easily without software and allow you to create coverage over a larger area. Select from various industrial network, power supply and input/output options to meet your needs. Some of the models we offer include:

  • Gateways and Nodes
  • Ethernet Data Radios
  • Serial Data Radios
  • Modbus I/O Data Radios

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Branom Operating Co. carries the most extensive inventory of process instrumentation and accessories in the Pacific Northwest. We offer several styles of wireless radio products and offer technical assistance to help you set up and operate your equipment.

Request a quote or contact us to discuss which wireless radio product is best for your application. 

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