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Automation is the driving force behind modern manufacturing and testing. Processing and manufacturing times are drastically cut, reducing overhead and increasing ROI. Innovative technology gives workers the power to oversee an entire factory’s worth of operations from a single screen to monitor production and quickly identify issues. Light curtains, machine protection systems, and other devices minimize workplace hazards to keep workers safe. These Tools help businesses increase productivity to accommodate the needs of high volume and high-speed manufacturing processes so they can stay competitive in today’s market.  

Industrial automation instrumentation provides a range of benefits, including:

  • Improve workplace safety by protecting workers from hazardous machine motion
  • Reduce labor costs by automating manual processes
  • Achieve better traceability with sensors and computer-based tracking
  • Optimize processes by providing wireless communication throughout your factory
  • Decrease part cycle times through more efficient operation
  • Use predictive analytics to prevent defects and improve process efficiency  

Process Control Instrumentation for Industrial Applications

Branom Instrument Co. has over 70 years of instrumentation and control experience and can help you find the best solution to streamline and improve the efficiency of your manufacturing processes.

We maintain the most extensive inventory of industrial instrumentation in the Pacific Northwest and carry products from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Our team has extensive systems application expertise that allows us to provide on-site service and calibration to our customers.  From inductive and photoelectric sensors to encoders to machine safety products, we have the perfect control and monitoring instrumentation for your application.

Industrial Instrumentation and Automation Products from Leading Manufacturers 

Branom maintains an extensive in-stock inventory of indicators, signal conditioners, and more from the world’s leading manufacturers. We offer on/off sensors for discrete automation, light curtains for personnel safety automation, and everything in between.

Controllers & Data Acquisition

Data acquisition stations and controllers gather and digitize measurement signals for control and/or storage and analysis. This process collects data for monitoring and analyzing testing and manufacturing processes. The visualization of data enables easier analysis and allows you to monitor multiple stations across multiple areas of a facility. Meet all your process control needs with products from Red Lion, Watlow, and Partlow.


Rotary, incremental, and absolute encoders monitor the position of a shaft and convert the data into an analog or digital signal to measure changes in position, speed, or linear distance. Options include optical encoders for high resolution and operating speed and magnetic encoders for dusty and dirty working environments. Our inventory of encoders includes products from Dynapar, Turck, and Red Lion.

Human Machine Interface (HMI) Displays

Industrial HMI touch panels provide a textual or graphical interface between industrial automation systems and users. They can display data, graphics, and animation to provide control and monitoring of automation systems. We carry rugged HMI displays from Red Lion for use in a variety of operating environments.

Industrial Computing

Controls and automation instrumentation require software, HMIs, ethernet switches, data stations, and other equipment to provide communication between different devices and users. We stock a variety of industrial computing products from Red Lion,Turck, and Watlow.

Machine Safety

Facilities that utilize industrial automation are required to adhere to guidelines aimed at preventing workplace injuries and related economic consequences such as equipment downtime and fines related to non-compliance. Our inventory includes emergency stop shutdown relays, light curtains, interlock switches, access monitoring devices, and other industrial instrumentation from Banner Engineering and Fortress Interlocks.  

Machine Vision

Image-based inspection and processing technology is used to decode labels and inspect and sort products in an automated production line. In robot applications, it helps robots grasp products by determining the location and orientation of a product. Our offering of machine vision industrial automation technology includes various types of software, hardware, and integrated systems from Banner Engineering.


Easily programmable robot arms are versatile and designed to work collaboratively with humans. With 6 articulated points mimicking the range of motion of a human arm to perform a wide array of repetitive tasks, cobots improve efficiency, safety, and product quality. Cobots are easy to set-up and program, plus can be redeployed when automation needs change. We carry collaborative robots, end effectors, and accessories from Universal Robots.

Photoelectric & Inductive Sensors

Photoelectric sensors, also called photo eyes, use infrared light transmitters to detect the presence and proximity of an object without making physical contact. Inductive proximity sensors perform that same function but use an inductive switch to sense an object and are specifically designed for the detection of metal objects. Typical applications for both types of instruments include manufacturing, packaging,, positioning, and counting .

Our vast inventory of sensors includes fiber optics, linear and rotary position sensors, measuring arrays, pick-to-light sensors, temperature and vibration sensors, and more. We work with trusted manufacturers like Banner Engineering, Turck, Krohne, Metrix, Watlow, Partlow West, Wika, Dynapar, Barksdale, and Red Lion to deliver high-quality automation and instrumentation sensors designed to perform.  


Industrial instrumentation and automation software provide an interface for testing, manufacturing, and automation processes. Our product offerings include HMI and controller configuration software from leaders in the automation industry like Red Lion, Watlow, and Krohne.

Find Controls and Automation Instruments for Your Application

Branom Instrument Co. stays on top of Industry 4.0 trends and innovations to deliver process control instrumentation that helps you meet production goals and increase ROI. Request a quote or contact our sales team to discuss your automation instrumentation requirements.

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