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Controllers & Data Acquisition

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Controllers and data acquisition instrumentation provide machine control and collect and measure data in automated manufacturing and testing applications. These instruments include remote terminal units (RTUs), positioning devices, control panels, and other process control instrumentation and interfaces that help you monitor and control processes while displaying data in real-time.

Real-time process management and data visualization help pinpoint production issues and identify ways to improve the efficiency of automated processes. Supervise and control multiple areas of your production facility from a single station and record historical production data for future analysis and process improvement.

Controls and Automation Instrumentation Help You Streamline Processes

Branom supplies a variety of control and data collection products for industrial automation applications. We source all our automation and instrumentation products from leading industry manufacturers such as Red Lion, Watlow, and Partlow West and have the expertise to help you find the right solution for your automated processes. If you don’t see the process control instrumentation you need on our site, we will source the products you need from one of our trusted manufacturers.

Controllers for Improved Production and Data Tracking

Control and automation products are designed to optimize the performance of temperature and process control applications. These industrial automation devices increase productivity and provide real-time data visibility for your automated processes. Products include:

  • RTUs
  • PID Controllers
  • I/O Modules
  • Temperature and Process Controllers
  •  Custom Control Panels
  • Process Indicators

Data Acquisition Products for Industrial Automation

Process control instrumentation for data acquisition includes hardware, programmable software, sensors, and controllers used to measure and collect data from automated processes. Our inventory includes:

  • Data Stations
  • Data Loggers
  • HMI Displays
  • Photoelectric and inductive sensors, encoders, temperature, pressure and vibration sensors

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Branom has the industrial instrumentation and automation products you need to manage, monitor, and analyze your manufacturing and testing processes. Request a quote for the process control instrumentation that meets your requirements or contact us to learn more.

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