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Human Machine Interface (HMI) Displays

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Human Machine Interface (HMI) displays create an interface between a user and machine manufacturing and process control system. The intuitive interface provides users with a textual or graphic representation of processes and enables them to view real-time data.  

Using HMI displays for industrial automation processes enables you to:

  • View the location of alarms throughout your facility
  • Reduce the need for extra panels, cables, and consoles, which lowers cost
  • Increase productivity by controlling, monitoring and analyzing operations across your facility
  • Control robotics and other industrial instrumentation

Improve Manufacturing Efficiency with HMI Displays for Industrial Automation

Branom carries HMI display panels from Red Lion and other automation manufacturers. Our inventory includes standard displays and products with a rugged and flexible design for use in operating environments ranging from indoor manufacturing to oil and gas drilling and production. Connect, monitor, and control all your processes with operator panels and automation HMIs that feature intuitive platforms and web-based monitoring and control.   

Learn About HMI Display Options for Controls and Automation Instruments

HMI displays help you connect with automation and instrumentation devices throughout your facility for better control and monitoring of your industrial processes. Request a quote for the model that meets your needs or contact us to discuss our process control instrumentation options.

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