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Current Transformers

Reduce high current in control panels, panel boards, and indicators with an industrial current transformer. As a multi-functional device, current transformers help isolate instrumentation from high current and supply power to instruments and devices that cannot be directly connected to a power supply.


Protect Equipment from High Voltage with UL Listed Current Transformers

Branom Instrument Co. stocks several styles of high-quality current transformers from Crompton, Absolute Process Instruments (API), Red Lion, Veris Industries, and Panel Components & Systems (PC&S). Select from UL and C-UL listed options in the ratio and size your application requires. We stock measuring current transformers and protective current transformers for indoor or outdoor applications. Styles include:


  • Bar-Type Current Transformers:  Feature a bar-style design, allowing the transformer to bolt to your current carrying devices. The cable or bus-bar of your main circuit serves as the primary winding. Primary uses include operating relays, instruments, meters, and other control devices. Recommended for indoor applications only.
  • Window Type Current Transformers:  This style has a circular opening in the core of the transformer to allow the passing of a line that carries the current flow.  Split core styles allow you to open and install the transformer without disconnecting any circuits.
  • Wound Type Current Transformers:  These transformers feature a primary wound coil that carries the full current. Use these transformers with transducers, watt meters, or ammeters.


We’ll Help You Find the Best Current Transformer for Your Application

The team at Branom provides exceptional customer service and has the industry expertise to help you select the right products for your application. We carry an extensive inventory of electrical products, including current transformers, breakers, enclosures, and more to cover your wiring and power needs.


Request a quote for a current transformer in the style you need or speak with our experts to discuss your application requirements.

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