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Industrial Automation Lighting

Lighting plays an integral role in the visual management of automated processes, including general lighting, status indication, operator guidance, and safety.

Industrial Lighting and Accessories

Branom Instrument Co. is an authorized distributor and manufacturer rep of industrial lighting products from Banner Engineering. Select from standard and IO-Link compatible options based on your operational needs. If you are unable to find an industrial lighting solution that meets your exact requirements, our team can help you source the right products for your application.


LED Indicators

LED indicators provide clear, visual communication of system operation, alarms, and process status. This automation lighting is effective on its own or can be paired with buzzers and other audible notification systems as well as wireless communication devices.

  • Panel Mount LED Indicators:  Feature a compact, panel mount design for a range of visual indication applications. Offered in various intensities and color options.
  • High-Visibility LED Indicators:  Designed to provide highly visible indication, either up close or at a distance. These LED indicators come in a range of color options, and models with audible and animation features. 
  • Programmable, Multi-Color Status Indicators:  These status indicator lights are programmable to deliver a variety of animations and color outputs. Available in models providing standard or custom color options. 
  • Multi-Color Strip Lights: Industrial automation strip lights provide a combination of illumination and status indication using high visibility, multi-color lights.  


LED Task Lights

Industrial LED task lighting is significantly brighter than standard task lights and requires no bulb or ballast changes. These lights have a sleek, compact design for use on or in equipment, enclosures, and work and assembly stations. Select from DC and AC/DC powered models, IO-Link compatible models, and more.


  • Control Panel & Enclosure Lighting: This lighting delivers bright illumination in a compact, low-profile design. Ideal for improving visibility in cabinets and other enclosures.
  • Assembly & Workstation Lighting: Provide workstations and assembly areas with bright, even LED lighting. This lighting produces no hot spots and comes in low profile and general-purpose, glare-free options.
  • Machine & Equipment Lighting:  Improve visibility and workplace safety with maintenance-free machine lighting. This lighting provides six color options and up to five color displays. Water-resistant and water/chemical resistant options also available. 
  • Illumination & Indication Lighting:  These LED strips have illumination and indication capabilities and come in six color options. This lighting provides up to five color displays.
  • Heavy-Duty Task Lighting:  Designed with a wide operating temperature and chemical and water resistance for use in harsh environments. Available in six color options.


Touch Buttons & Pick-to-Light

We offer several solutions for manufacturing facilities and warehouses. Pick-to-light technology improves the accuracy and efficiency of picking, sorting, and assembly applications. Touch buttons are IO-Link capable and feature multiple colors for use along your production line.


We stock several industrial lighting options, including:


  • Capacitive Touch Buttons: An ergonomic design allows for actuation without using any force. These touch buttons are an excellent solution for applications involving repetitive motion.
  • Illuminated E-Stop Buttons: These emergency stop buttons are illuminated for improved visibility in any lighting. Several mounting styles are available.
  • Optical Touch Buttons: A suitable replacement for mechanical buttons that require no force or physical pressure to operate.
  • Push Buttons: These general-purpose buttons operate using physical force and come in five color options.
  • Non-Contact Pick-to-Light:  This lighting features a photoelectric sensor to verify sequences and zero force activated optical touch buttons.  


Tower Lights

Tower lights are multi-level, multi-segment lights that come preassembled for easy installation. They’re versatile, customizable, and easier to install than standard stack lights. We stock tower lights in AC, DC, and AC/DC powered options, as well as pre-wired and IO-Link compatible models. Individual light segments are also available in a range of colors.


Lighting Accessories

Branom stocks an extensive inventory of lighting accessories, including wiring, hardware, and replacement parts.


We Offer Quality Solutions for All Your Industrial Lighting Needs

Branom works with customers across numerous industries to supply high-quality industrial automation lighting products. Our technical team understands that each application has different requirements and has the expertise to provide solutions based on your unique needs.


We offer the most extensive automation instrumentation inventory in the Pacific Northwest. Request a quote or contact us [link to contact form] to discuss your industrial lighting needs.

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