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Industrial Panel Meters

Available in various styles, panel meters provide a visual representation of measured values in analog or digital format. Industrial panel meters mount in instrument panels for quick access and come with or without alarm options based on your monitoring needs. Log readings manually or transmit data to a computer for analysis.


High-Accuracy Panel Meters

Branom Instrument Co. is an authorized distributor and manufacturer’s rep. for leading brands of industrial electronics and instrumentation. We stock industrial panel meters from several manufacturers, including Panel Components & Systems (PC&S), Crompton Instruments, Red Lion, Laurel, Simpson Electric, Watlow and Yokogawa. Our team understands that each application is unique. We’ll use our industry expertise to help you find the right panel meter for your automation and device control needs.


Many models are pre-calibrated for out-of-the-box setup and operation. Meters should be calibrated regularly to maintain reading accuracy. Our technical services include calibration, along with installation and maintenance, to keep your equipment operation.


Below is a sampling of the types of analog and digital panel meters we offer. Select from various meter functions and meter ranges.


Analog Panel Meters

This style is easier to read in bright lighting and requires no power source for operation. Select from AC and DC voltage and current  as well as frequency, KW, power factor and synchroscope analog panel meters in several styles.

  • Round Analog Panel Meters
  • Rectangular Analog Panel Meters
  • Big-Vue Analog Panel Meters
  • Long Scale Analog Panel Meters
  • DIN Analog Panel Meters
  • Switchboard Style Panel Meters
  • Rugged/Heavy-Duty Analog Panel Meters


Digital Panel Meters

Digital meters provide a clear display that allows for faster and more accurate reading. These meters require a power source and come in several ranges and styles.

  • DC Digital Panel Meters
  • Microminiature Digital Process Meters
  • Large-Digit Display Panel Meters
  • Linearizing Panel Meters for Flow and Level Applications
  • RTD and Thermocouple Temperature Meters


Trusted Solutions for All Your Process Monitoring Needs

Branom works with the best instrumentation manufacturers in the industry to source panel meters and other electrical devices for industrial users. We provide superior customer service that extends far beyond the purchase date. You can trust us to help you find the right solutions for all your industrial automation and equipment monitoring needs.


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