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Gas analytical instrumentation includes gas analysis equipment and continuous emissions monitoring systems that are used to detect and monitor levels of various gases. This includes oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, methane, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other gases, as well as emissions caused by gas and pollutants. Some gas analyzers are designed to detect and measure a specific type of gas where multi gas analyzers are configured for applications involving two or more gases. 

Since many gases have no odor and typically cannot be detected by human senses, gas analyzers play a crucial role in protecting human health and safety, and preventing explosions and other catastrophic events. They are widely used by the mining and petrochemical industries, and for landfill management, wastewater management, manufacturing and other applications.

The different types of gas analysis systems include:

  • Continuous gas analyzers
  • Multi gas analyzers
  • Toxic gas detectors
  • Flame detection sensors
  • Gas analysis systems
  • Ambient air monitoring systems
  • And more

Whether you’re measuring emissions or monitoring the composition of gases used in manufacturing processes, Branom Instrument Co. has the right gas analysis equipment for your application. Read more about our product offerings below or request a quote for the gas analytical instrumentation that meets your detecting and monitoring requirements.

Gas Analysis Equipment from Trusted Manufacturers

Branom provides a wide range of analytical instruments. Our comprehensive product offering  includes toxic and flammable gas detection equipment, complex continuous gas analyzers, BTU analyzers, and more from some of the biggest gas analyzer manufacturers in the industry. If you don’t see the gas analytical instrumentation you require listed below, contact us to learn about other gas analysis equipment options:

Ambient Gas Detection

This method of gas analysis involves long-term monitoring and assessment of gases and pollutants for regulatory compliance and improved workplace safety. Ambient air monitoring includes portable and permanently mounted systems that are used to monitor carbon monoxide, methane, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, ammonia and sulfur dioxide, and other gases and pollutants. The information is then used to assess pollution and air quality levels, provide data for research on the effects of pollution, and study the effectiveness of pollution control efforts.

Toxic Gas Detection

Toxic gas detectors include various types of gas analysis equipment used to monitor the presence and concentration of combustible, flammable and toxic gases and vapors. Types of toxic gas detectors include portable and stationary gas analysis equipment that take continuous or intermittent readings and trigger an alarm or other warning signal when the percentage reaches hazardous levels.

Infrared sensors are commonly used in toxic gas detectors, though catalytic, electrochemical and metal oxide semiconductor technology is also used. Both single and multi-gas analyzers are available for use in a wide range of applications.

Flame Detection Sensors

Flame detection sensors are a critical piece of equipment for preventing catastrophic fires by detecting fames resulting from vapors from gasoline, hydrogen, solvents, alcohols, ethylene and other gases and substances. The sensors work by using ultraviolet, multi-spectrum infrared, ultraviolet/infrared and visual imaging to detect the electromagnetic radiation emitted by flames. This allows flames to be detected at the exact moment of ignition. Flame detection sensors can be configured to provide various responses including sounding a warning signal, shutting off a fuel line or activating a fire suppression system.

Continuous Gas Analyzers

The combustible vapors present in industrial applications involving oil and gas, landfills, sewage gas and bio gas pose a serious hazard that can lead to injury or catastrophic events if not properly monitored. Continuous gas analyzers help prevent potentially hazardous situations by providing continuous analysis of gases and send a visual or audio alert when they reach a specified level. Continuous gas analyzers are mountable cabinet-sized systems that can monitor one or more gases depending on how the system is configured.

Continuous emissions monitoring systems are another type of toxic gas detector that measures the concentration of exhaust gas and emissions for compliance with state and federal emission programs. They are commonly used in industrial settings to measure the levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in flue gas.

TDL (Tunable Diode Lasers)

Tunable diode laser gas analyzers provide optical analysis of gases and impurities that are present at low concentration. TDL gas analyzers measure the amount of light that is absorbed as the laser passes through a gas and provide continuous, accurate measurement without cross interference from other gases. Tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy is used by industries including chemical, power generation, and oil and gas to measure levels of hydrogen, hydrocarbon, ammonia, carbon dioxide and other toxic and combustible gases.

Gas Analytical System Startup, Service & Calibration

We offer startup and programming services for new gas analytics instrumentation to ensure that you get the best and most reliable performance from your equipment. We also provide service, onsite calibration, and troubleshooting for equipment in the field to get your system back on track as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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