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Mechanical applications require stringent quality control processes to ensure reliable operation and efficiency and production and testing lines. These processes typically include regular testing and measuring of shaft revolutions, pulses in reciprocating equipment, and torque.   Even the tools used to perform these tests require testing and calibration to maintain accuracy.

Handheld mechanical test instruments offer the flexibility and functionality needed to perform tests across your entire operation. Whether you need to test vibration, revolution, or torque, we have the tools that meet your needs.

Handheld Mechanical Test Instruments

Branom Instrument Co. is an authorized distributor of mechanical test equipment from Shimpo Instruments and other trusted names in the medical, automation, and manufacturing industries. We have a broad range of test instrumentation available and have a team of highly trained technicians available to offer technical service and calibration as needed.

Types of mechanical test equipment we offer include:

  • Tachometers: Speed tachometers measure rotational speed in motors and other mechanical or electrical equipment. We supply handheld tachometers, laser tachometers, and panel mount tachometers to accommodate a range of applications. Select from contact, non-contact, and combination styles with various measuring ranges.
  • Torque Testers & Meters: Test and calibrate your torque tools with mechanical test devices designed for accuracy and durability. Select from digital torque meters, digital torque gauges, torque tool testers, and horizontal and vertical torque test stands.

We Have the Right Instrumentation for All You Test Needs

Branom has over 30 years of automation instrumentation expertise and has a team dedicated to helping you find the best solution for your application. Customers across all industries trust us as their control and monitoring instrumentation supplier.

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