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Pressure Switches

Pressure switches are designed to monitor and control pressurized fluid systems and operate by opening or closing the electrical contact(s) once the setpoint is reached. Any rise or fall in pressure produces an electrical feedback response to the system, allowing you to control pressurized fluids in water pumps, air compressors, medical devices, and other machinery or equipment.    

The versatility of pressure switches allows you to measure pressure gain and loss in a wide range of operating environments.  Industries that use pressure switches include agriculture, HVAC,  oil and gas, water and wastewater,  manufacturing, marine, and several others.

Electrical and Mechanical Pressure Switches

Branom Instrument Co. is an authorized distributor and manufacturer rep. for the industry’s most trusted manufacturers. Our instrumentation experience spans several decades, and we use our expertise to source pressure instrumentation that delivers the quality and reliability you need.

We carry pressure switches from several of the industry’s leading manufacturers, including Barksdale, Gems, NOSHOK, Solon and ASCO. Select from plastic and metal enclosure models for pressure or differential pressure and a factory set or adjustable set point. Pressure switches come with either a diaphragm, Bourdon tube, or piston sensing element. The style you select depends on the level of pulsations your application involves, and the accuracy required.

Options for electronic  or mechanical pressure switches include:

  • Standard Pressure Switches
  • Miniature Pressure Switches
  • Heavy-Duty Pressure Switches
  • Low-Pressure Pressure Switches

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Our extensive inventory of pressure instrumentation includes pressure switches and accessories in the size and style you need. We also provide calibration and other Technical Services to help keep your instrumentation operational.

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