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Temperature Transmitters

Temperature transmitters are used with temperature sensors and serve the purpose of transmitting the signal to a control or monitoring system. Two types of sensors used with temperature transmitters include RTD’s and thermocouples. The signal inputs from these sensors are received by temperature signal conditioning devices, which convert the inputs into analog or digital signals

Typical applications for temperature transmitters include industrial, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and agriculture.

Temperature Measurement and Monitoring Devices

Branom Instrument Co. stocks the largest selection of process instrumentation in the Pacific Northwest. Our inventory includes temperature instrumentation from INOR, Absolute Process Instruments, WIKA, NOSHOK, Watlow, and Turck. We carry all the standard styles and will help you source the temperature transmitters you need for specialty applications.

Temperature Signal Conditioners

Temperature signal conditioners receive inputs from thermocouples, RTD’s, and other sensors and convert them into analog or digital output signals.  Signal conditioners convert the readings to a usable format to prepare data for the next stage of processing.

Some of the temperature transmission products we carry include:

  • Digital Temperature Transmitters
  • Analog Temperature transmitters
  • Threaded Thermometers with Integrated Transmitters
  • Duct Humidity and Temperature Sensors


Also known as resistance temperature detectors, these sensors are used to measure temperature. RTDs contain a resistor element that changes the value as the temperature changes and are known for their repeatability, reliability, and accuracy. Our inventory includes numerous RTD  styles, including options with or without IO-Link. Whether you need a  single or duplex element RTD, or adjustable RTD’s, we have a solution to meet your needs.


Thermocouples are a popular and highly versatile temperature measurement device. This type of temperature sensor features electrical conductors made of different metals that are welded at one end to form a junction. Thermocouples are designed to be immersed in a process, and when the temperature changes, the junction creates voltage that is read by a display or controller.

We stock thermocouples in all the standard types to meet your temperature range and application requirements. Our selection includes basic models and those designed for high-temperature and heavy-duty applications.

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Branom Instrument Co. stocks temperature instrumentation from leading manufacturers and offer calibration and other Technical Services to help you maintain your equipment. Request a quote for temperature sensors online or contact us for assistance in selecting a product for your application.

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