Branom Bubbler System

Branom Bubbler System, 2 Channel, No Outputs/No Communications, 85-250VAC, No Purging Option, 15PSI(34.6FT) Measuring RangeThe Branom Bubbler System provides a proven, reliable, and accurate means of measuring fluid levels in open or vented containers. It is especially useful in extremely harsh environments such as reservoirs, cooling tower sump tanks, vented fuel tanks, and drain sump tanks.

How Does the Branom Bubbler System Operate?

A complete bubbler level measurement system consists of a source of compressed air, an airflow restrictor, a sensing tube, and a pressure transmitter. The Branom Bubbler System operates by forcing a constant flow of compressed air through the sensing tube with an opening below the surface of the liquid level. The pressure transmitter monitors the air pressure in the tube. The pressure in the tube is equal to the pressure at the bottom of the tank. The liquid level equals the pressure in the tube divided by the density of the liquid. As long as the material density remains constant, the pressure is proportional to the liquid level in the tank.

Why Choose the Branom Bubbler System?

For an application where you do not want the liquid to contact a sensor, the Branom Bubbler System is the perfect choice because the only part of the bubbler that touches liquid is the bubble tube. Also, since it has no moving parts, the Bubbler System is well-suited as a level instrumentation device for measuring sewage, sludge, drainage water, or water with massive quantities of suspended solids. Bubblers will also work in hazardous areas since the point of measurement has no electrical components.

In addition, since bubblers can be used in small diameter pipes, they can be used in tanks where other systems won’t fit.

Most importantly, the Branom Bubbler System will work in areas where capacitance, ultrasonics, and radar level systems will fail due to foam on the surface of the liquid tank. Our bubbler system is also very reliable in the presence of vapors, and, unlike ultrasonics, can be used in media temperatures of more than 350°F. Bubblers are normally used in applications where foam, solid debris, sewage sludge, or turbulence make ultrasonic, radar, or float switch devices ineffective.

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Bubbler System Customization Options

The Branom Bubbler System is assembled, wired, and configured to your exact specifications. We can customize it to serve your precise needs. Once assembled the bubbler system is tested and ready for immediate installation. Some of the customized options that can be added include:

  • Level output to SCADA
  • Adjustable level (high and/or low) alarms
  • Manual or automatic purging

Bubbler System Key Benefits

Branom’s Bubbler System provides several advantages over other types of level and differential measuring devices, some of which include:

  • Immune to surface foam, pH, conductivity, temperature, turbulence, and solids content.
  • Increased reliability when compared to other contacting level measurement methods. This is due to the bubble tube being the only part of the system that is in contact with the liquid being measured.
  • Long life and greater calibration stability since the sensor are not in direct contact with the liquid being measured.
  • Excellent accuracy from .5% to .065%
  • When installed properly, the instrument panel can be located up to several hundred feet from the measuring location.
  • Perfectly suitable for applications with corrosive, acidic hazardous, volatile, molten, cryogenic, or radioactive liquids.

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