Semiconductor Manufacturing Control & Monitoring

Semiconductor device fabrication involves numerous types of wafer fabrication equipment, assembly equipment, and testing equipment used to produce complex integrated circuits. From dicing machines that cut wafers into individual semiconductor chips, to assembly and testing equipment, each step must be carefully monitored to ensure quality.

Increased demand for smart devices has led to increased demand for semiconductor chips. As a result, manufacturing companies are faced with pressure to increase production volume and reduce downtime, all without impacting product quality and reliability. This task becomes even more difficult as the complexity of semiconductor manufacturing increases.

The sensitive nature of semiconductor processing requires complete control over operating conditions such as temperature and humidity, and careful management of automated processes including cutting, washing, etching, drying, and assembly. Instrumentation for semiconductor processing equipment provides a solution for better control of these and other automated processes, as well as the environment where the semiconductors are produced.

Benefits of using instrumentation for semiconductor processing equipment include:

  • Streamlined production
  • Improved yield and reliability
  • Reduced design and manufacturing errors
  • Decreased equipment and process downtime
  • Improved workplace safety

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Instrumentation for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Semiconductor manufacturing, testing, and inspection processes require a high level of precision and efficiency to keep up with increasing design complexity and demands without sacrificing product quality. To accomplish this, you need the right type of instrumentation.

If you’re searching for high-quality process instrumentation for semiconductor manufacturing applications, look no further than Branom Instrument Co. We know how critical dependable control and monitoring devices can be to semiconductor processing, and we’re here to help you select the right equipment for your unique needs. We stock a huge inventory of high precision, high-performance products from the industry’s foremost manufacturers, including:  

  • Gas Analysis:  Select from continuous gas analyzers, multi-gas analyzers, toxic gas detectors, ambient air monitoring systems, and gas analysis systems. These devices are used to monitor cleanroom atmospheres and can be configured to provide readings for one or multiple gases.
  • Pressure Gauges and Pressure Transmitters: Includes pressure switches, digital and analog gauges, and pressure transmitters and transducers.  Pressure instrumentation helps maintain ideal pressure in, and thereby eliminate contaminants from, vacuum chambers and pressurized work environments.
  • Automation Sensors and Displays: Automation sensors include machine vision technology, signal conditioners, photoelectric sensors, and other instruments used to detect proximity and position items during manufacturing and assembly. A human-machine interface (HMI) or other display provides a textural or graphical interface to control and monitor cleaning and processing benches, baths, rinsers, and other processing stations.
  • Temperature Controllers:   Includes thermal imagers, digital temperature controllers, resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), infrared pyrometers, and other instruments that provide non-contact measurement and monitoring. Applications include monitoring temperature and humidity levels in desiccators, baths and circulators, storage enclosures, and transport equipment.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Instrumentation Startup, Calibration & Service

Proper installation and regular calibration are essential for maintaining the operation of your semiconductor manufacturing equipment. We provide startup services and programming for new instrumentation, as well as onsite calibration and service for existing equipment. Our goal is to help you get the best results and the best performance from your control and monitoring equipment.

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