Level Instrumentation

Level instrumentation includes a range of level measurement equipment including switches, controllers, transducers, and radars. These instruments play a vital role in ensuring silos, tanks and vessels maintain levels that are within safe operating limits. This not only protects equipment but helps prevent environmental and safety hazards.

There are two level-instrument types: point level and continuous level. Point level instrumentation is used to detect variations in dry and liquid levels in silos, tanks, and vessels and often incorporates the use of sensors alarms to indicate a low or high condition. Continuous level instrumentation is used for similar purposes except it provides continuous measurement of levels within a silo, tank, or vessel.

Continuous Level Instrumentation Point Level Instrumentation

Continuous level and point level instrumentation can be used for applications involving gases, liquids, powders, bulk solids, and slurry and are used by several industries, including:

  • Water & Wastewater
  • Food & Beverage
  • Marine Equipment
  • Irrigation Equipment
  • Wood Product Manufacturing
  • Aggregate & Cement
  • Mining

Level Measurement Solutions from Leading Manufacturers

To meet the unique requirements of customers in numerous industries, Branom Instrument Co. provides a wide range of level instrumentation, from basic floats and mechanical point switches to complex ultrasonic and radar level transmitters. Our manufactures also provide several certifications and approvals based on your application requirements including NACE, SIL2/3, ATEX, FM, UL, IEEE323/344, FDA, 3A, Class 1 or 2 / Div 1 or 2, and NAMUR.

Our extensive, in-stock inventory includes high-quality, high-performance level instrumentation solutions from the industry’s leading manufacturers. We offer mechanical and digital tank level indicators, a variety of point level switches and continuous level switches, transmitters, indicators, liquid level sensor modules, and more.

Continuous Level and Point Level Instrumentation for Bulk Solid, Gas and Fluid Level Monitoring

Our options for continuous level instrumentation and point level instrumentation include:

  • Capacitance Probe Switches: Point level switches that detect high and low levels of solids and liquids in tanks, bins, and silos. The switches feature two electrodes and use the fluid within the container as a dielectric. Fluid levels are determined by measuring changes in the capacitance value.
  • Mechanical Floats: This includes point-level measurement solutions such as spheres, balls, and oblong objects that are buoyant in liquid and serve as visual indicators for level measurement applications. They can be solid or hollow and are made from either plastic or corrosion-resistance stainless steel.
  • Rotating Paddle Switches: These are point-level switches used to detect levels of powders and bulk materials in silos and other vessels. The switches are powered by an electric motor and continuously rotate until they make contact with a material, which then creates a force that causes the rotation to stop.
  • Ultrasonic: This type of level measurement transmitter uses high-frequency sound to detect product levels. The transmitter is placed at the top of a tank and transmits ultrasonic pulses that are reflected off the surface of the product. The sensor then creates a measurement calculation based on the signal. Ultrasonic transmitters are used for continuous level measurement.
  • Vibrating Tuning Fork Switches: These point level measurement switches are installed in pipes and vessels to detect high and low fluid levels and prevent overflow. The switches contain two prongs that vibrate at a natural frequency until they become immersed in the product, which causes the frequency to drop. These changes are monitored by sensors that can be programmed to trigger an alarm or valve once a certain level is reached. 
  • Hydrostatic (Pressure) Transmitters: A type of continuous level measurement transmitter used for water and other liquid applications. This level instrumentation device determines fluid levels by measuring the force or pressure within a resting body of fluid.
  • Guided Wave Radar: These continuous level controllers use radar to measure levels of fluids and dry media. The radar level control equipment features a probe that is immersed in the liquid or dry media and sends low energy pulses down the probe. The energy then reflects up the probe and provides the measurement between the surface of the media and the top of the storage vessel.
  • Non-Contacting Radar: This type of radar level instrumentation detects surfaces that reflect the energy and measures dry or fluid levels by determining the amount of time it takes for a transmitted signal to reflect on the surface and return to the transmitter. It provides continuous level calculations for both volume and mass.
  • Magnetostrictive Sensors: A type of continuous level control equipment that uses a magnet suspended in a float level sensor to create pulses of current. These pulses then travel through a wire or bar-style waveguide to create a magnetic field that causes the float to rise and sink based on fluid levels.
  • and more

Programming, Startup & Service for Level Measurement Transmitters

Branom can assist you with the programming and startup of most level sensors and other level instrumentation products. We also offer service and calibration of instruments in the field. Our expert service technicians will help you get the best performance and the best results from your equipment.

Setra Systems Inc (dba Gems Sensors)


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Setra Systems Inc (dba Gems Sensors)
LS-52100 Series Level Switch, SS, NEMA 4 Version, non-EXP


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Venture Measurement Company LLC
PULSE POINT II Rod Style Level Switch, Standard, 316SS ROD,


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Setra Systems Inc (dba Gems Sensors)


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Venture Measurement Company LLC
Pulse Point Vibration Level Switch, Standard, 316SS Fittings and Fork 120Vac


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Setra Systems Inc (dba Gems Sensors)
LS-700 Series Level Switch, LS-700-1-BR-BN-SPST-100-GR2-2


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Setra Systems Inc (dba Gems Sensors)


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Setra Systems Inc (dba Gems Sensors)
Series 3S, Multi-Wire Suspended Fitting


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Setra Systems Inc (dba Gems Sensors)


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Setra Systems Inc (dba Gems Sensors)


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Venture Measurement Company LLC
4-Vane Paddle (Nylon) For Mini-Roto


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