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Backflow Test Kits

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Branom Instrument Co. is a Midwest Instruments authorized service center performing repair, calibration and certification of backflow test kits. This service includes a full evaluation with leak check of the gauge and hoses, checking the condition of the hose filters and gaskets, performing a full scale 0-15psid accuracy test, affixing a calibration sticker to the front of the gauge and a NIST traceable certificate of calibration. 

A large inventory of parts and accessories are kept in stock including bleed-off valve assemblies (compensating valves), vertical tube kits (site tubes), quick connect test cock adaptors, hoses, filters and gaskets, line pressure gauges and valves. Current prices and availability can be provided.

Backflow Test Kit Brands That We Test and Service

Branom Instrument Co. tests, calibrates, repairs and certifies a wide range of backflow test kits including:



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Backflow Test Kit Certification Regulations

Most state laws mandate annual testing for backflow preventers. Test kits need to be calibrated and certified annually, or whenever you suspect that they are not working properly. For information about certification requirements in your area, consult your local administration authority.

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