Aggregate & Cement Processing Instrumentation

Aggregate and cement makes up anywhere from 60 to 75 percent of the total volume of concrete and includes particulate materials such as sand, crushed stone, gravel, slag, and recycled concrete.  These materials can be natural, manufactured, or recycled and range in size from fine to medium grain.

Cement companies use manufacturing and processing instruments to manage automated processes and monitor and improve cement quality. This includes devices for temperature, pressure, and level monitoring and managing automated processes.  Process instrumentation for aggregates provides control throughout the entire production workflow from monitoring raw material quality at the quarry, to monitoring cement plant processes and filling transport trucks.

Using Instrumentation to Monitor Aggregate Cement Processing

Creating a high-quality aggregate cement mix requires accurate distribution of aggregates in the right proportions and particle sizes to ensure pumpability, durability, and the appropriate moisture content for the type of concrete being manufactured. It also requires proper handling methods to minimize contamination that impacts concrete quality.

To achieve this, each step of the aggregate cement process must be monitored to ensure the quality of bulk materials and the efficiency of various processes including mining, grinding, separating, drying, and cooling. Manufacturing and processing instruments make this possible by providing real-time monitoring and analysis of the aggregate process to ensure aggregates are the right shape and size, and that the finished product is the right consistency.

We provide the aggregate instrumentation your cement company needs for reliable and effective process monitoring. Contact us for assistance in finding the right manufacturing and processing instruments for your operation.

Process Instrumentation for Aggregate Cement Production

Process instrumentation for aggregates must be able to withstand harsh operating conditions while delivering accurate readings. Branom Instrument Co. provides high-quality, high-performance control and monitoring instrumentation solutions for aggregate and cement processing applications. We know how important reliable manufacturing and processing instruments are to your processes, and our team can help you select the right equipment for your needs.

We maintain a large, in-stock inventory of products from some of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry and offer several types of aggregate cement processing instruments, including:

  • Level Transmitters and Level Switches: Point level and continuous level instrumentation including capacitance probe switches, rotating paddle switches, ultrasonic transmitters, vibrating tuning fork switches, non-contacting radar sensors, and guided wave radar controllers. Applications include monitoring levels in raw material silos, cement silos, coolers, rock crushers, fluid tanks, transport trucks, and other equipment used in the aggregate process.
  • Automation Equipment: Process control instrumentation including encoders, sensors, signal conditioners, machine safety instrumentation, and graphical interfaces. This instrumentation is primarily used for monitoring and analyzing bulk material as it moves along conveyor belts and other material handling systems.
  • Temperature Gauges: Controllers, thermal imagers, thermocouples, infrared pyrometers, heaters, and other temperature control and monitoring devices are used for safety and to ensure product quality. Applications include monitoring temperature and humidity levels in drying ovens and measuring moisture levels in aggregate cement mixes.
  • Pressure Switches: Includes electromechanical and solid-state devices for monitoring changes in pressure. When pressure rises or falls beyond a specific set point, a sensor triggers the electrical contact to open or close. Applications for pressure switches in aggregate processing include cement silos, clinker coolers, air compressor systems, and more.

Startup, Calibration & Service for Aggregate Instrumentation

We offer programming and startup services for new instruments, as needed, as well as onsite calibration and service for devices in the field. Our goal is to ensure that you get the best performance and the best results from your process instrumentation.

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We provide all the aggregate instrumentation your cement company needs to monitor and manage production processes. Contact us to discuss the instrumentation for aggregates and cement processing that will suit your needs.