Mining Control Monitoring Instrumentation

Mining control operations utilize various types of equipment that often operate using different formats and interfaces. This can make it difficult to manage the efficiency of all the different processes, especially in larger plants. Instrumentation further increases the efficiency of automated mining operations by allowing you to monitor numerous processes including crushing, milling, flotation, concentration, and loading. By automating processes, mining operations can:

  • Improve the efficiency of individual processes
  • Monitor and analyze processes for improved quality control
  • Reduce raw material waste and contamination 
  • Provide a safer work environment

Mining instruments provide real-time monitoring of materials handling equipment including crushers, mills, pumps, flotation cells, and cleaners. They are also used to monitor fill levels in transportation vehicles, silos, and storage tanks. Types of instrumentation frequently used for mining control and monitoring include point level instrumentation, continuous level instrumentation, non-contact level measurement instrumentation, pressure and temperature gauges, and automation control.

Turn to Branom Instrument Co. for all the process instrumentation your mining application needs. We know the importance of reliable, high-precision control and monitoring devices in this demanding industry. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you find the equipment that best meets your requirements.

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Mining Instrumentation for Process Control and Monitoring

Mining instrumentation must be able to withstand harsh operating environments, including contact with dust and abrasive or corrosive materials.  Reliability is also extremely important for process control and maintaining a safe working environment. From ensuring minerals are ground to the appropriate size to filling containers for transport, you need instrumentation that provides accurate and consistent results.

We carry a wide array of ready-to-ship products from leading manufacturers and provide customer support and on-site services including startup, product training, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more. Our inventory of mining instruments includes:

  • Continuous Level and Point Level Instrumentation: Includes ultrasonic transmitters, magnetostrictive sensors, non-contacting radar, rotating vane paddle switches, RF capacitance probes, and vibrating forks devices for monitoring fill levels for liquids, solids, and slurries. Applications include wastewater processing, measuring liquids and sediment during the separation process, measuring pulp levels during flotation, monitoring slurry flow, and monitoring fill levels in tanks, silos, and transport vehicles.
  • Automation Controls: We offer digital HMI displays, photoelectric sensors, inductive sensors, radio wireless instruments, and other devices for monitoring and controlling automated processes. These instruments are typically used on conveyors, grinders, and other material handling equipment. Applications include monitoring mineral extraction processes, measuring particle sizes to prevent over-grinding and under-grinding, monitoring furnace door positions, and compiling data for quality control.
  • Pressure Gauges: Options include analog and digital gauges, pressure switches, transmitters, and transducers. Pressure gauges are also used to monitor pressure during coal processing and monitor machine performance. They help improve workplace safety by providing real-time pressure readings and sending an alert when levels fall or rise beyond a specified point.
  • Temperature Gauges: Includes controllers, thermal imagers, RTD sensors, and other devices used for temperature monitoring and control. These mining control instruments can improve machine performance and reduce personnel safety concerns by providing high and low-temperature alerts.

We also offer highly specialized instrumentation, such as heavy-duty AC-pulsed magnetic flow meters, for noisy applications. Contact us to learn more and discuss your specific mining instrumentation requirements.

Startup, Calibration & Service for Mining Instrumentation

Regular calibration is important for quality control and to keep your mining instrumentation in good operating condition. We offer startup and programming for new mining instruments and equipment, as needed, as well as service and onsite calibration for instrumentation already in the field. Our team of experts will ensure that your process instrumentation delivers the results and the performance you need.

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