Pressure Instrumentation

Pressure instrumentation includes various pressure gauges, transmitters, sensors, and transducers that are used to measure and display the units of the pressure of a fluid or gas.  Transducers, transmitters, and sensors measure the pressure in pumps, pipes,  tanks, and other processes and then send a signal to a display, controller, HMI, or another device. Pressure gauges are analog or digital devices used to display the readings and provide local real-time measurements for effective pressure monitoring. 

Regularly measuring the pressure levels of gas, steam, and liquids is critical for safety and quality control in commercial and industrial applications. Some of the industries where pressure measurement is used include chemical plants and oil, gas, petroleum or other petrochemical applications, Water and Wastewater, Food and Beverage, Concrete, heating and cooling, lumber and paper products, and more.

Pressure gauges and other devices for pressure measurement are cost-effective and reliable solutions for preventing equipment failure. Considerations in selecting the right pressure instrumentation solution for your application include:

  • Type and range of pressure reading required
  • Operating environment temperature and chemical compatibility of wetted parts
  • Level of accuracy required
  • Any industry specifications

Pressure Transmitters & More from Trusted Manufacturers

From simple bourdon tube pressure gauges to highly versatile, extremely accurate pressure transmitters, Branom Instrument Co. offers a vast selection of pressure instrumentation for control and monitoring. Our in-stock inventory includes analog and digital pressure gauges, mechanical and electronic pressure switches, pressure transmitters, and more from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers. The experts at Branom will help you find the perfect pressure instrumentation for your unique needs.

Pressure Controllers

Electronic pressure controllers deliver high accuracy and control stability for use in low- or high-pressure applications involving gases and liquids. We stock pressure controllers from several manufacturers, including Tescom, Marsh/Bellofram, Krohne, Red Lion, and Barksdale.

Diaphragm Seals

Protect pressure instrumentation from corrosive or viscous process media and extremely low and high operating temperatures. Diaphragm seals are flexible membranes available in various sizes and configurations to fit pressure gauges, transmitters, and switches. Our inventory of diaphragm seals includes options from WIKANOSHOK, Red Valve, and Winters.

Analog & Digital Gauges 

Pressure gauges are devices that provide local pressure and vacuum readings. We stock analog and digital pressure gauges from WIKANOSHOK, Marsh, Winters, Orange Research, Cecomp, Weksler, and Midwest. Select from pressure and differential pressure Gauges in both analog and digital versions.

Pressure Accessories 

Pressure accessories include needle valves, snubbers, overpressure protectors, and steam siphons for pressure gauges and transmitters. Our wide selection of pressure accessories includes options from WIKANOSHOK, Chemiquip, Ray, and Winters.

Pressure Transmitters & Transducers

Pressure transducers are devices that convert pressure readings into voltage or millivolt (mv) signals that are sent to a display, controller, or PLC. Pressure transmitters convert pressure reading into amplified Milliamp (mA) signals that are sent to a display, controller or PLC. We carry pressure transmitters and transducers from manufacturers, including Krohne, WIKA, NOSHOK, Barksdale, Gems, and Turck.

Pressure Regulators 

Pressure regulators reduce the supply pressure of gases and liquids to maintain the desired outlet pressure as inlet pressure fluctuates. Use these pressure regulators with compressors or high-pressure tanks. Select from a range of pressure regulators from Tescom, Bellofram, and ASCO.

Pressure Switches 

Pressure devices that sense pressure and change an electrical contact when a specified pressure level is reached. Common applications are to control air pressure in a compressor, water pressure in a water system, or water or fluid levels in a reservoir. Branom offers pressure switches from Barksdale, Gems, NOSHOK, and WIKA .

Force Measurement Gauges 

Use force measurement gauges to measure compression and push and pull forces in measurement, manufacturing, and process control applications. These gauges provide highly accurate measurements and come in analog and digital models. Our in-stock inventory includes analog force measurement gauges from NOSHOK and digital force measurement gauges from Shimpo.

Programming, Service & Calibration for Pressure Instrumentation Equipment

While the quality of pressure gauges and other pressure instrumentation is important, careful measures must also be taken to properly maintain the equipment to ensure accurate readings and prevent equipment failures and workplace injuries.

Branom offers calibration, certification, and programming for new pressure instrumentation, along with onsite calibration, startup assistance, and technical service for instrumentation pressure devices in the field. Our experts will ensure that you get the best performance and best results from your equipment.

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Engineered Specialty Products aka Weksler Glass


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Setra Systems Inc (dba Gems Sensors)
PS71-20-4MNS-C-H, SS, 1/4" NPT, 25-75 PSI Range, SPDT, DIN Connector


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Dwyer Instruments Inc
Dwyer Air Flow Switch


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Setra Systems Inc (dba Gems Sensors)
1200 Series Pressure Transducer


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DX Wet/Wet Differential Pressure Switch


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Engineered Specialty Products aka Weksler Glass


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Barksdale Inc Dba Dynalco Controls Corp
Econ-O-Trol Pressure Switch, 10-250 psi,1/8"Int & 1/2" Ext NPT


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