Control Monitoring Instrumentation for the Wood Processing Industry

Wood processing involves various methods of turning lumber into wood pulp, wood chips, paper, building materials, and other products. To control and increase the rate of moisture evaporation, lumber is typically placed in kilns to be dried. After the drying and planing processes are complete, the lumber is graded based on characteristics such as moisture content.

Moisture control is critical throughout the wood manufacturing process and during storage to ensure product integrity. The presence of too much or too little moisture can result in lumber receiving a lower grade and therefore, a lower monetary value. Excessive moisture and humidity in storage facilities can also damage sawdust, wood chips, and other lumber products. To prevent these issues, various types of industrial instrumentation are used throughout the manufacturing process to monitor and measure lumber moisture levels. Wood processing instrumentation is also used to monitor automated manufacturing processes for workplace safety and quality control.

Industrial Instrumentation for Lumber Processing and Storage

Branom Instrument Co. is your leading provider of process instrumentation solutions for wood product manufacturing processes. We understand how important reliable, high-precision control and monitoring equipment is to the wood processing industry, and we’re here to help you find the right device for your needs.

We maintain an extensive, in-stock inventory of top-quality instruments from the most trusted manufacturers in the business. Our team has extensive experience in field instrumentation applications and offers customer support for installation and maintenance. We also provide on-site service and calibration to keep your processing instrumentation in top operating condition.

Our wood processing instrumentation and equipment include a broad selection of products that can be configured based on your requirements. Contact us to discuss your specific lumber processing field equipment requirements.

  • Automation Instrumentation: Includes photoelectric and inductive sensors, signal conditioners, encoders, and more for monitoring automated lumber manufacturing processes. Industrial automation instrumentation helps improve the process and product consistency for better product quality and can improve workplace safety.
  • Pressure Gauges and Transmitters: Provide safety monitoring during wood manufacturing by monitoring pressure levels in processing equipment and then converting pressure readings into signals that can be read by a display or PLC. Our pressure instrumentation options include both analog and digital gauges.
  • Temperature Controllers: Measure and monitor temperature levels during the kiln drying process for improved control over wood moisture levels. We offer a wide range of temperature control instrumentation including thermal imagers, infrared pyrometers, and digital temperature controllers.
  • Level Sensors: Effectively monitor levels of sawdust, wood chips, and other wood products in storage vessels. Our instruments and equipment for powders and bulk materials include rotating paddle switches, ultrasonic instrumentation, non-contacting radars, and capacitance probe switches.
  • And more.

Startup, Calibration & Service for Lumber Processing Instrumentation

We provide setup/startup and programming for new devices, as needed, and offer onsite calibration and service for processing instrumentation and equipment in the field. Our aim is to help you get the best performance and the best results from your lumber manufacturing process instrumentation.

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