Building Technology Systems & HVAC Maintenance

Building technology systems include software and technology used to operate building HVAC systems, lighting, and other automated systems. Some of the components of building HVAC systems include thermostats, rooftop units, heat pumps, heat exchangers, chillers, and other equipment that require constant monitoring to ensure proper heating, cooling, ventilation, and humidity control in a building.

These complex systems require various types of instrumentation such as level transmitters and switches, temperature controllers, pressure gauges, automation sensors, and digital displays to control operations and communicate system information.  

Improving the Efficiency of Building Technology Systems with Instrumentation

Controlling building technology systems involves measuring variables and collecting data, processing and analyzing the data, and causing a control action. Maintaining effective and efficient control of these processes including monitoring cycle times, air temperature, and flow rates to provide a comfortable building climate and improve energy efficiency.

Instrumentation for HVAC semiconductor systems and other building technology system applications helps streamline automated processes and provides real-time monitoring of pressure, temperature, and fluid levels to ensure optimal system operation and quickly identify issues. Process instrumentation also monitors the overall performance of HVAC and building technology systems to provide valuable data for preventative maintenance programs.

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HVAC Instruments and Building Technology System Monitoring Solutions

HVAC instruments provide real-time measurement, monitoring, and control of fluid levels, pressure changes, temperature and humidity, and pH levels in building technology systems and HVAC semiconductor systems.  Branom Instrument Co. is a leading supplier of process instrumentation for building technology systems and HVAC system maintenance applications. We know how critical reliable, high-precision control and monitoring equipment is when working with commercial and industrial buildings.  

Our team has extensive experience in process instrumentation and can help you choose the right devices for your needs. We carry a vast, in-stock inventory of high quality, high-performance products from the world’s top manufacturers, including:

  • Automation Sensors: Include sensors, humane machine interface (HMI) displays, and other instruments for controlling automatic lighting systems and building HVAC systems.
  • Level Switches and Level Transmitters: Detect the level of water and other fluids in storage tanks and vessels, then covert the signals for transmission to computers and other digital displays. These HVAC instruments reliably monitor levels in water storage vessels for boilers, cooling towers, and other HVAC system components.
  • Temperature Controllers: Include thermal imagers, equipment heaters, controllers, resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), and more for managing heating, cooling, and humidity levels in building HVAC systems.  
  • Pressure Gauges: Monitor pressure changes in boiler systems and other HVAC components and include analog and digital gauges, pressure switches, pressure transducers, and pressure transmitters.

Startup, Calibration & Service for Building Technology System Instrumentation

We offer complete programming and startup services for new equipment, as needed, and can provide onsite calibration and service for devices in the field. Branom’s number one goal is to help you get the best performance and results from your process instrumentation.

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