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Precision and consistency are critical in the manufacturing of aerospace components and systems for commercial aircraft, military aircraft, spacecraft, and missiles. Each part must be manufactured under strict standards to ensure performance and safety, whether it’s flight control instruments, fuel and hydraulic systems, wheels and brakes, or couplings and fittings.  

During the manufacturing process, everything from production and assembly to handling, sorting and packaging must be completed under stringent guidelines and following strict quality management standards. Since most of these manufacturing processes are fully automated, they require the use of instrumentation to control operations and monitor quality.

Aerospace process instrumentation includes gauges, sensors, controllers and other equipment that, when combined, form a complex control system. Instrumentation for aerospace manufacturing is used for a variety of purposes including controlling robotics, monitoring temperatures changes, operating quality management systems, displaying system information, and much more.

Aerospace Manufacturing Instrumentation from Trusted Manufacturers

Aerospace manufacturing instrumentation helps you achieve the consistency, precision and reliability required by AS9100 quality management system standards and other aviation industry regulations. Branom Instrument Co. is your number one source for process instrumentation for aerospace manufacturing. We understand that your success depends in part on dependable, high precision control and monitoring equipment, and we’re here to help you find the best device for your specific application.

We stock an extensive selection of top quality  products from industry leading manufacturers and our engineers have the expertise to assist with design, engineering and programming. Options for automated process instrumentation include:

  • Pressure gauges: Includes devices for measuring the units of force of the surface of a fluid or gas and instruments that convert readings to signals read by an analog or digital gauge. We offer various pressure switches, pressure transducers, pressure transmitters, and gauges that can be configured to your specific application.  
  • Temperature controllers: Monitor and measure heat levels in manufacturing equipment to maintain an ideal operating range and prevent overheating. Our products include thermal imagers, thermocouples, heaters, controllers and other automated process instrumentation for aviation manufacturing.
  • Automation sensors: Streamline your automated manufacturing and material handling processes with photo electric sensors, signal conditioners, machine vision technology, HMI displays and other aerospace instrumentation technology.
  • Encoders: Use rotary and shaft encoders to measure changes in position, speed or linear distance during the manufacturing process.

These are just a few examples of instrumentation for aerospace manufacturing operations. Contact us for assistance finding the right aerospace process instrumentation for your manufacturing facility.

Startup, Calibration & Services for Automated Process Instrumentation

We offer setup and programming for new aerospace process instrumentation, as needed, and can provide service and onsite calibration for equipment in the field. Our expert technicians will help you get the most out of your control and monitoring devices and are here to answer any questions you have along the way.

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