Marine Equipment Instrumentation

Marine instruments are electronic devices used for equipment control and to measure temperature, flow, level, and pressure on vessels of various sizes including passenger ships, merchant ships, and naval ships. These instruments provide real-time monitoring of marine equipment performance and include pressure monitoring instruments, level transmitters, temperature monitoring gauges, and automated process instrumentation.

Some examples of the common uses for marine instruments include:

  • Controlling alarm and power systems  
  • Managing engine fluid, fuel, and oil levels for cooing and general operation
  • Maintaining ballast fluid levels
  • Monitoring compressed air systems
  • Managing freshwater pumps

The Importance of Using Marine Instruments for Equipment Control  

Ships use state-of-the-art marine equipment to manage everything from engine components and steering systems to radar detection and navigation systems. When this equipment malfunctions, it impacts operational efficiency and causes downtime that can put your ship behind schedule.

A ballast that isn’t filled to the appropriate level after loading and unloading cargo impacts the stability of your ship. An energy management system that isn’t functioning at an optimal level decreases energy efficiency and impacts sustainability efforts. overall operational efficiency. Leaks and dangerous pressure levels in oil and fuel tanks can impact engine operation and lead to catastrophic events that impact the safety of your crew and passengers.

Marine instrumentation allows for faster response times when issues arise and improves the safety, reliability, and efficiency of commercial and naval fleet operations. Contact us to discuss the marine instrumentation that meets your requirements.

Marine Instruments for Equipment and Process Monitoring

Branom Instrument Co. provides complete control and monitoring instrumentation solutions for equipment used in the marine industry. We understand how important reliable, high-performance process instrumentation is for marine equipment, and our expert team can help you choose the ideal equipment for your specific application.

Our in-stock inventory includes a large selection of top-quality marine instruments from the world’s leading manufacturers. Our team has extensive experience in process and monitoring instrumentation and will help you find the right product for your application. Marine instrumentation options from Branom include:

  • Pressure Gauges and Transmitters: Include analog and digital devices that measure pressure levels of fluids, oils, and gases in tanks, ballasts, and other holding vessels. Transmitters then convert the pressure readings into signals that are read by a display or PLC.
  • Level Transmitters: Provide continuous measurement of levels in fuel, oil, ballasts, and water tanks. Types of level transmitters include capacitance level sensors, guided wave radar sensors, non-contacting radar level sensors, ultrasonic level sensors, and more. These marine instruments are available in options that mount inside or outside a tank, either at the top or bottom.
  • Automation Instrumentation: Includes encoders, signal conditioners, and photoelectric and inductive sensors for monitoring electronic processes in a variety of marine and land-based applications.  Automation instrumentation controls engine components, steering systems, and various monitoring and processing systems.
  • Temperature Monitoring Devices: Allow for accurate temperature control to maintain proper operating temperatures and prevent overheating that can damage marine equipment and create safety hazards.  Temperature instrumentation is used for monitoring ventilation and cooling water systems, regulating exhaust gas from engines and compressors, monitoring oil and gas temperatures, and more.  

Startup, Calibration & Service for Marine Instruments

Marine instruments should be regularly calibrated and tested to ensure the accuracy of measurements and prevent potential equipment issues and hazards resulting from incorrect readings. We can provide complete setup and programming for your process instrumentation, as needed, and offer onsite calibration and service for marine instrumentation in the field. Our expert technicians will help you get the best performance and the best results from your equipment.

Contact Branom for Marine Instrumentation Solutions

Contact us to discuss control and monitoring instrumentation for your marine equipment. Our Product Line card provides a complete listing of all the instrumentation solutions we offer.