Diaphragm & Annular Seals

Branom Instrument Co. is proud to be a member of the WIKA Authorized Distributor Diaphragm Seal Fill Station Program.  We have stock of several seal components, pressure instruments, and fill fluids in order to serve our customer’s needs.


We can assemble multiple types of instruments onto diaphragm and annular seals that include a single or multiple of the following: pressure gauges, switches, transmitters, and transducers.  Do you need it to read remotely or does your instrument read differential?  We can supply capillary tubing as needed.  Please contact us with specific questions about your needs and we can let you know how we will be able to assist you


New Product

Are you looking to purchase new product that needs to be assembled and filled?  We can help you out. Our product lines include several options from WIKA, Noshok, Red Valve, Onyx and others (see our Instruments by Manufacturer section). You can Request a Quote or Contact our Sales Department directly for further details.


Customer-Owned Product

Do you have items you need to be assembled? Chances are we can do it for you. Contact our service department with details of the product you have and your requirements and we will see what we can do.  

Repair and Calibration

Do you have an existing product that is broken or you are not sure if it is accurate?  Send it to us and we will provide a performance and accuracy test to see if it works.  If it fails we can do a failure analysis and determine what the issue is and determine what the best route is to proceed.  We have the capability to repair several types of seals and instruments.

Contact Branom Instrument Co. Technical Service

Contact us if you would like a quote or have any questions about any of the services we offer. You will receive a prompt reply.

If you have instruments that require any of our services and you are ready to send them to us, complete the Service Request form.