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Flow Instrumentation

Flow measurement involves determining the movement of a fluid or gas through a pipe or channel. There are two forms of measurement typically used: volume and mass. The devices used to measure the mass or volumetric flow rate of a liquid or gas include mechanical flow meters, differential pressure-based meters, variable area meters, electromagnetic flow meters, thermal mass flow meters, and more. A combination of one or more devices may also be used as part of a flow measurement process.

Flow Instrumentation Products for Demanding Industrial Applications

Branom Instrument offers flow instrumentation products from the industry’s most trusted manufacturers and will assist you with finding the right instrumentation for your application. We have experience serving the following industries:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Power
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Boiler Control
  • Chemical
  • Food production
  • Wastewater & water treatment facilities

Coriolis Flowmeters

This flow instrumentation continuously measures the mass, volume and density of fluids and gases flowing through a tube. Use Coriolis flowmeters for viscous, aggressive, or shear-sensitive media and in sanitary applications. We offer Coriolis mass flowmeters from KROHNE with a twin bent or straight tube design, including models designed for advanced process and high capacity bulk measurement applications.

Differential Pressure Flowmeters

Differential pressure flowmeters measure the flow of fluid through a pipe by introducing a restriction that causes a pressure drop, such as an orifice plate or venturi. These flowmeters work with a variety of liquids and gases but are not recommended for high viscosity media. Our inventory of differential pressure flow meters includes models from KROHNE, AutrolOrange Research, and RCM.

Electromagnetic Flowmeters

Electromagnetic flowmeters are designed to measure the flow of conductive fluids through a pipe. These flow meters are unaffected by fluid pressure, temperature, and viscosity and are compatible with contaminated liquids. We offer electromagnetic flowmeters from KROHNE.

Flow Indicators

Flow indicators include instruments used to indicate and measure flow through a pipe or system visually. This type of flow instrumentation is compatible with fluids, chemicals, oils, and gases. We offer flow indicators in several styles and models from KROHNEGemsDwyerRCM and Orange Research.

Metering Pumps

 Chemical metering pumps are widely used in water treatment applications for dosing chemicals and handling viscous chemicals and slurries. Other applications include reverse osmosis filtering systems and treating water for boilers, cooling towers, and other commercial heating and cooling equipment. We offer several styles of electronic and motor-driven metering pumps from LMI.

Thermal Dispersion Flowmeters

Thermal mass flowmeters are an insertable and highly sensitive style of flow instrumentation used to measure fluids and gases in closed conduits. Our inventory includes several models from WIKATURCK, and Eldridge Products.

Ultrasonic Flowmeters

Ultrasonic flowmeters calculate volume flow by measuring the velocity of a fluid as it flows through a pipe. This non-intrusive style of flow instrumentation is ideal for wastewater applications and others involving dirty, water-based fluids. Our inventory includes ultrasonic flow meters from KROHNE.

Flow Control Valves

Flow control valves regulate the flow of fluid or gas in a pipe either manually or by using a pneumatically or electrically operated actuator. Styles include backflow and cross-connection valves, manual ball and butterfly valves, and automated ball, butterfly and shutter valves. Branom will work with you to source the flow control valves your application requires.

Variable Area Flowmeters

Variable area flowmeters operate at a constant pressure drop and require no power to measure the flow of fluids and gases. The simple design of these flowmeters consists of a tapered glass tube and a float that moves up or down based on flow rate. Branom stocks several varieties of variable area flowmeters from KROHNEDwyer, & WIKA.

Vortex Flow Meters

Vortex flowmeters measure all three phases of a fluid, making them suitable for applications involving liquids, gases, and steam. These versatile volume flow instruments are primarily used in utility, chemical, petrochemical, and energy management applications. We offer vortex flow meters from KROHNE.

Flow Accessories

Our offering of flow accessories includes transmitters, displays, switches, controllers, and other devices to monitor and enhance the performance of your flow instrumentation. Our team will work with you to find the best solutions for your flow monitoring application.

Selecting Flow Instrumentation Based on Your Application Requirements

The type of equipment needed for your flow measurement process depends on the type of application and requirements such as minimum and maximum flow rates, the size of the meter required, and material compatibility with your operating environment.

Flow measurement rates for gases can be based on several different engineering units, including:

  • Actual cubic feet per minute
  • Standard cubic feet per minute
  • Thousand standard cubic meters per second
  • Linear feet per minute
  • Million standard cubic feet per day

Measuring the flow rate of liquids can include several different engineering units, including:

  • Gallons per minute
  • Liters per minute
  • Bushels per minute
  • Cubic meters per minute
  • Acre-feet per day

While the volume of a liquid typically does not change under different conditions, gases can change volume when exposed to different temperatures or placed under pressure. For gases, it may be more beneficial to utilize flow instrumentation that measures the mass flow rate, which remains the same regardless of temperature or pressure.

Because no single control or monitoring technology works for every flow application, Branom Instrument Co. provides a large selection of flow measurement and monitoring products. We offer instrumentation and equipment for magnetic flow, coriolis flow, vortex flow, ultrasonic flow, and other flow measurement processes. 

Flow Measurement Startup, Programming & Services

Performing regular calibration and maintenance on flow measurement devices is crucial for keeping your flow control equipment and systems accurate. We offer service and onsite calibration or flow control and monitoring instrumentation in the field, as well as startup and programming assistance for new equipment. NIST certificates of calibration are also offered upon request for most services.

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