Cornell Co-Pilot is a cloud-connected IIOT device for monitoring rotating equipment data. This unique device has 3-axis vibration and temperature sensors built-in and can connect to multiple external sensors of your choosing to bring a comprehensive equipment health and performance data directly to the cloud.  This means you can retrieve your data and see reporting directly from the cloud. Whether this means tracking the rotating equipment's location, receiving critical alerts, or planning maintenance, it can all be managed through the remote web interface or mobile app.  User's also have the ability to set alarms with multiple push notification methods available including text and email.

For more advanced applications the Cornell Co-Pilot can be used as a Modbus Master.  This will allow remote monitoring and control of devices who can operate on this communication protocol.  When Co-Pilot is connected to a compatible, modbus enabled device, the equipment control page provides data incoming from the external device. Engine controllers, VFD’s, soft start panels, PLC systems, etc. are just some examples of what Co-Pilot can communicate with, providing back critical information. Through the Co-Pilot portal, you can also send commands to these devices in order to perform actions such as remote start/stop, vary RPM, etc. 

    Branom Instrument Co. proudly distributes the following Cornell Co-Pilot products:

    • Co-Pilot Module

    • Retrofit Kit

    • Sensors

    • Co-Pilot Mobile App