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Cordsets are flexible power cables with connectors at one or both ends. These connectors carry power and signals to switches, sensors, and other process instrumentation. The quick-connect cable design provides a secure connection to sensors paired with the convenience of fast and easy disconnection.

Safe and Reliable Process Instrument Connectivity Solutions

Branom Instrument Co. carries an extensive inventory of process instrumentation from trusted manufacturers. We have experience working with customers across a broad range of industries and have the expertise to help you find the best connectivity solutions for your process monitoring and control applications.

Our inventory includes cordsets and connectors from TURCK and Banner Engineering. Select from pico-style and euro-style cordset options in a variety of lengths, number of conductors, connector styles, and coupling materials for use with AC, DC, and AC/DC powered devices.

Some models also feature EMI shielding to protect electronic devices from damage caused by electromagnetic or radio frequency interference. We can also source options for high temperatures and hazardous operating conditions or to meet MIL-SPEC and other industry requirements.

  • Single Ended Cordsets: These cables have a single straight or right-angled connector with an option of male or female style.  
  • Dual-Ended Cordsets: Typically Feature one male and one female connector and come in straight and right-angled styles.
  • Splitters and Tees: Allow you to power multiple devices using a single cable. Select from options with two, three, or four connectors and a variety of pin styles.
  • Filed Wireable Connectors: Use these connectors to finish a cable or create a custom cable length

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Branom has over 30 years of process instrumentation expertise and only sources cordsets and connectors from trusted manufacturers. We carry the largest inventory of control and monitoring products in the Pacific Northwest and can help you find the best solution for your critical applications.

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