Thermal Imaging Cameras and Accessories

Thermal imaging cameras use infrared technology to help you monitor temperature from a distance. High-resolution images delivered in real-time help you detect and troubleshoot issues before they become hazards or shut down your production. Non-contact thermal imaging devices are ideal for monitoring operations in hazardous areas or where you cannot reach electrical wiring or equipment. Get the imaging and data you need quickly and without having to interrupt testing or production.

Non-Contact Thermal Monitoring Solutions for On-Site and Off-Site Applications

Branom Instrument Co. offers thermal imaging devices from trusted names like Fluke and AEMC. These companies have a reputation for durability and quality, allowing use in even the harshest of environments. We supply a variety of thermal imaging camera styles to suit your needs, from gas detection cameras to mounted models designed for engineering or R&D.

Types of thermal imaging cameras we offer include:

  • Handheld Thermal Cameras: These thermal imaging devices provide a portable thermal imaging solution for line inspections and preventative maintenance. Handheld thermal cameras handle both close range and long-range thermal imaging and come in a range of styles.
  • Mounted Thermal Cameras: Continuously visualize, stream, and analyze thermal data with stationary infrared cameras. Use these mountable thermal imaging devices for R&D applications or anywhere you need continuous monitoring.
  • Articulating Thermal Cameras:  Get accurate readings from near or far with these thermal imaging cameras. A portable design allows you to take the device anywhere, including remote locations.

Find All the Process instrumentation You Need in One Place!

With the most comprehensive offering of process instrumentation in the Pacific Northwest, you can count on Branom for your thermal imaging solutions. Our team works with customers across all industries and has the expertise to help you find the best thermal imaging camera for your application. We also offer technical assistance to help you with troubleshooting, maintenance, and calibration. 

To discuss the thermal imaging products right for your needs, contact us today.

Fluke Corporation
Fluke Ti480 PRO Infrared Camera


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