• Continuous level radar
  • Guided wave radar
  • Hydrostatic (Pressure) Transmitters
  • Non-contacting radar
  • Ultrasonic
  • Visual Level Indicator

Continuous Level Instrumentation

Continuous level measurement instruments monitor the levels of solids and liquids in silos, storage tanks, vessels, and other open or closed storage systems.  These instruments differ from point level sensors in that they provide constant level measurement instead of only when the media reaches a specific level. 

Continuous level sensors are compatible with corrosive and non-corrosive substances and are used by industries including:

  • Oil and Gas

  • Agriculture

  • Food and Beverage

  • Wastewater Treatment

  • Concrete/Aggregate

  • Plastic/Vinyl

  • Marine

  • Chemical

Continuous Level Measurement and Monitoring

For applications requiring precise readings, Branom Instrument Co. offers a vast selection of continuous level sensors and monitoring instrumentation. Whether you’re managing the contents of a 55-gallon drum or a massive grain silo, we have the ultrasonic level sensors, radar level sensors, magnetostrictive devices, capacitance level measurement, and other equipment you need for exact measurements. 

Our inventory includes continuous level sensors and instruments from manufacturers, including KROHNEWIKANOSHOKTurckGemsKingOrange ResearchBannerFlowline. We can also work with you to source the level measurement instruments you need for specialty applications.

Continuous Level Radar Sensors

Radar level measurement provides continuous, non-contact monitoring of media levels in various types of storage tanks and containers. Non-contacting radar level transmitters feature an emitter that transmits high-frequency waves through the air and towards the surface of the media. The high-frequency waves then bounce off the surface of the media and back to the sensor to provide a measurement.

These level measurement instruments deliver highly accurate results and are ideal for use with corrosive and aggressive media. Continuous level radar instruments are suitable for use in high-temperature environments and harsh applications that may have turbulence, foam, or steam. Since no contact is involved, they are also suitable for food, beverage, oil, gas, and chemical applications.

Select from several non-contacting radar sensor models manufactured by KROHNE and Flowline.  

Guided Wave Radar Level Sensors

Guided wave radar level sensors use microwave technology to provide continuous level measurement of liquids and dry bulk media. The sensors feature a probe that is immersed in the media and sends high-frequency waves down the probe until they meet the surface of the media. Once the high-frequency waves reach the surface of the media, they are transmitted to the sensor.

Guided wave radar level sensors require minimal maintenance, provide accurate readings regardless of changes in pressure or temperature, and are not affected by dust or viscosity.  We offer guided radar level transmitters in several models from KROHNE.

Hydrostatic (Pressure) Transmitters

Hydrostatic pressure transmitters are fully submerged in a fluid to provide continuous level measurement of hydrostatic pressure. As the depth of a fluid increases, the amount of force or pressure caused by gravity also increases.

Hydrostatic level sensors provide fluid level readings by measuring the pressure above the bottom of a vessel, where the level sensor is submerged Our inventory includes options from KROHNEWIKANOSHOKTurckGems, and King.  

Ultrasonic Level Sensors

Ultrasonic level sensors are positioned at the top of a tank and use ultrasonic pulses to create a signal.  The signals transmitted from the sensor reflect off the surface of the media and back to the sensor. The time it takes for the signal to return to the sensor is used to measure the distance between the ultrasonic level sensor and the surface of the media to determine level.

These non-contact continuous level sensors are suitable for use with corrosive nongaseous substances and hazardous chemicals. We carry a wide variety of ultrasonic sensors from KROHNE and Banner.

Magnetic and Pneumatic Visual Level Indicators

Visual level indicators consist of magnetic and pneumatic level indicators, as well as simple pressure and differential pressure gauge level indicators.

  • Magnetic Level Indicators: Multi-functional devices that serve as a level indicator as well as a switch, and transmitter. The sensor chamber contains a magnetic float switch that moves as the tank’s fill level fluctuates.  External level indicators provide clear and accurate readings. These level instruments attach to the top, bottom, or side of a tank and present a visual indication of fluid level.
  • Pneumatic Level Indicators: Consist of an air operated sensor connected to an indicator that typically shows actual tank capacity.  These systems are commonly used in the dairy industry and are available with sanitary and 3A rated sensors

Pressure gauges and differential pressure gauges can also be used as a local visual indicator.  They may be scaled directly in engineering units and are an inexpensive and accurate means to display level.

Visual level indicators are simple to install and maintain and do not require electricity for operation.  Our inventory includes level indicators from GemsKingWIKA, and Orange Research.  

Branom Bubbler System

Our bubbler system is a contact fluid level monitoring system designed for use in open and vented containers and tanks. The bubbler level measurement system withstands harsh environments and is compatible with sludges, slurries, and fluids with suspended solids.

The Branom Bubbler System also maintains reliability and high accuracy in operating conditions where other instruments can fail, including high-temperature liquids and the presence of surface foam and vapors.

Request a Quote for Continuous Level Sensors and More

Branom maintains an extensive in-stock inventory of continuous level measurement solutions. Our team also provides programming, startup assistance, and on-site calibration and Technical Service for our customers. We are your number one source for continuous level sensors and instrumentation. Contact us to learn more about continuous level sensors, and other products from Branom.

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