Keeping equipment calibrated and running smoothly is paramount in any industry. For this reason, Branom provides calibrators that can be used across multiple industries - like oil and gas, food and beverage, chemical processing, and more.  By providing instruments from top brands, including Fluke, Ralston Instruments, and Arbiter, you're sure to find the calibration instrument for your specific needs.

Among our line of calibrators are:

  • Pressure Calibrators are designed to verify the pressure reading of other pressure measuring instruments.

  • Multi-function Process Calibrators can be used across multiple industries and applications to read frequency, resistance signals, voltage, and current from an array of sources.

  • Temperature Calibrators are available in both single-function and multi-function, depending on the use case for your industry. They're lightweight, rugged, and simple to use.

  • mA Loop Calibrators and Meters are designed to troubleshoot 4-20 mA current loops.

Let's Discuss Calibrators

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Fluke Corporation
Fluke 725 Multifunction Process Calibrator


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