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Environmental Test Instrumentation

Medical, industrial, laboratory, and commercial settings must remain in compliance with indoor air quality standards. Environmental testing also involves monitoring temperature, humidity, and lighting to ensure workplace comfort and aid in building and space planning. These testing applications require devices that offer portability and accuracy, along with the ability to store and transfer data for analysis.

Maintain Indoor Air Quality Standards with Environmental Testers

Branom Instrument Co. is an authorized distributor offering a broad variety of process instrumentation for industrial users. We work with reputable manufacturers like Fluke and AEMC to deliver environmental testers with the features you require. Select from handheld and mountable models using Bluetooth and USB communication to record and transfer data.

Our dedicated team of experts is also here to help you find the right instrumentation and offer technical assistance after your purchase arrives. Types of environmental test instrumentation we offer include:

  • Air Quality Loggers: Monitor and measure indoor levels of dangerous gases like CO2, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide, and temperature and humidity. These portable devices are configurable and store data for analysis.
  • Thermo-Hygrometer Data Loggers: Identify and record changes in temperature, humidity, and dew point with repeatability and accuracy. Thermo-hygrometer environmental testers feature programmable alarms in come in several styles.
  • Thermo-Anemometer Data Loggers: Measure and record airflow and wind speed in a variety of environments. The airflow sensor provides accurate readings offers the convenience of one-handed operation.
  • RTD Thermometer Data Loggers: Quickly measure and record temperature virtually anywhere in your facility with a handheld RTD thermometer. Several models available with programmable alarm functions.
  • Thermocouple Thermometer Data Loggers: Designed for one-handed operation, these portable and versatile test devices monitor, measure, and record indoor temperatures. Select from several styles with programmable alarms.
  • Light Meters: Optical sensors in these handheld test instruments match human eye responses to measure illumination indoors. Use for workspace planning, solar panel installation, and more.
  • Sound Level Meters: These environmental testers take reliable acoustic measurements in a range of industrial settings. We’ll help you find the best model for your application.
  • Particle Counters: Accurately measure airborne particle concentrations in workspaces, cleanrooms, and other indoor spaces. Handheld air particle counters are lightweight, register readings quickly, and store historical data.

Discover High-Quality Solutions for Environmental Testing

Our team is committed to sourcing high-quality products you can rely on for all your environmental testing applications. Contact us for more information about our environmental test instrumentation product offerings.

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