Liquid Analytical Accessories

Accessory Options for Liquid Analyzers and Sensors

Branom works with customers across all industries to provide liquid analytics solutions, technical service, and support.  We source liquid analytics sensors and accessories from trusted brands like Thermo Fisher ScientificKROHNE, and Van London Co.

  • Loop Powered Indicators:  Process analysis indicator displays various parameters from yor sensors and feature an easy-to-read LCD.
  • Junction Boxes: Use these wall-mounted junction boxes to connect liquid analytics sensors to your control system. A robust design allows use in hazardous operating conditions.
  • Cables and Wiring: Select from interface cables, wiring adapters, and cable kits to connect your analytics equipment.
  • Calibration Kits: Regular calibration is essential to maintain the accuracy of your liquid analytics equipment. We stock full calibration kits, calibration buffer solution, and more.  

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We work with trusted manufacturers to bring you durable and reliable liquid analytics products for all your fluid monitoring needs. Contact us to learn more about our inventory or to discuss your application needs.

Thermo Orion Inc.
1.5" UNION MOUNT FOR ROSS pHR , CPVC (Custom - Slip Adapter, No Tee)


301.00 301.00 301.0 USD
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Thermo Orion Inc.
AquaPro Panel Mount Kit


116.00 116.00 116.0 USD
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Thermo Orion Inc.
AquaSensors AnalogPlus pH Electrode Storage Solution, 475mL Bottle


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