Flame Detection Sensors

Petrochemical plants and other industrial environments utilizing explosive or combustible gas and liquids have a heightened risk of fire and other catastrophic events.

Flame detection sensors prevent catastrophic fires by detecting flames resulting from vapors from gasoline, hydrogen, solvents, alcohols, ethylene, and other gases and substances. Detection occurs at the exact moment of ignition, which allows for a faster response than standard fire detection devices.

The sensors work by using ultraviolet, multi-spectrum infrared, ultraviolet/infrared, and visual imaging to detect the electromagnetic radiation emitted by flames. Based on the configuration you select, the flame detection sensors react by sounding a warning signal, shutting off a fuel line, or activating a fire suppression system.

Protect Your Facility and Personnel with Continuous Flame Monitoring

Branom can provide FM and CSFM approved flame detection sensors from Sierra Monitor. These detectors use highly accurate ultraviolet and infrared technology to provide continuous flame monitoring in industrial settings. Each flame detection system also carries FM and CSFM approvals and certifications for performance and safety.

  • UV/IR Wet Bench Flame Detector: This flame detection sensor uses a combination of ultraviolet and infrared technology to detect flames. Sealed housing protects the flame detection sensor from exposure to heat, acids, and solvents. Bench flame detectors are designed for wet bench and commercial applications.
  • UV/IR/Vis Industrial Flame Detector: This sensor detects flames from hydrocarbon and nonhydrocarbon sources using a combination of ultraviolet, infrared, and visible light spectrums. Self-diagnostic features perform regular system tests and record and store faults in its non-volatile memory.

Find the Right Flame Detection Sensor for Your Facility

Branom works with trusted and top-rated manufacturers to deliver the fire detection solutions you need for improved workplace safety. We also provide technical services such as set-up, troubleshooting, and maintenance to all our clients.

Request a quote or contact us to learn more about our inventory of flame detection sensors. 

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