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Thermal Imagers

Thermal cameras help you monitor temperature conditions and detect issues that could lead to fire or other catastrophic events. These temperature devices deliver high precision readings and are made to withstand harsh industrial environments.  

Regularly inspecting your systems helps you to maintain efficiency and catch electrical issues and other problems before they cause a system failure. Advantages of thermal infrared cameras include:  

  • Scan equipment, walls, ceilings, and other large areas quickly
  • Non-disruptive, non-contact method of measuring temperature
  • Reach equipment without using ladders or other equipment

Infrared Thermal Cameras for Industrial Applications

Branom Instrument Co. carries an extensive inventory of temperature instrumentation from trusted manufacturers. We stock thermal cameras from Fluke and MSA Safety in several temperature ranges and options, ranging from handheld point-and-shoot models to thermal imagers featuring sophisticated technology.   Select from standard cameras or models with interchangeable lenses for different monitoring situations.

Available thermal management products include:

  • Articulating Thermal Cameras: This versatile thermal imaging solution provides accurate readings at close range or long distances.
  • Gas Detection Thermal Cameras: Use these cameras to monitor sulfur hexafluoride leaks in electrical applications.
  • Handheld Thermal Cameras: Choose this thermal imager for preventative maintenance applications in the field or throughout your facility.
  • Mounted Thermal Cameras: These thermal imagers provide continuous monitoring and data collection.

Let's Discuss Thermal Cameras

We offer the most extensive selection of instrumentation in the Pacific Northwest. As experts in temperature instrumentation, we have the expertise to source and recommend the best product for your thermal management application. Contact us to discuss the best thermal imagers for your unique needs. 

Fluke Electronics Corporation
PTi120 Thermal Imager 400C


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Fluke Electronics Corporation
Fluke TiX580 Infrared Camera


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Fluke Electronics Corporation
Fluke Ti300+ Thermal Camera


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Fluke Electronics Corporation
Fluke TiS75+ Thermal Camera


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Fluke Electronics Corporation
Fluke TiS55+ Thermal Camera


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