• Emergency Stop & Stop Controls
  • Safety Accessories
  • Safety Controllers
  • Safety Laser Scanners
  • Safety Light Curtains
  • Safety Limit & Interlock Switches
  • Safety Relays
  • Safety Software
  • Two-Hand Controls

Machine Safety

Safety is critical, especially in today’s fast-paced and high-volume manufacturing facilities. Much of the machinery used for automated processes operates at high speeds and presents a series of risks to workers, including amputation, crushed fingers and hands, burns, and other injuries. There are also safety hazards associated with forklifts and other machinery moving throughout a facility.

Machine safety devices include emergency stops, safety controllers, light curtains, and other equipment designed to help improve efficiency, prevent injuries, and ensure compliance with safety standards. These devices work with your other automation and instrumentation devices to alert workers of hazards and restrict access to unsafe areas.

Machine Safety Devices for Industrial Automation

Branom works with leading industry manufacturers like Banner Engineering and Fortress Interlocks to offer machine safety devices and other industrial automation products designed for modern manufacturing and testing applications. We have over 70 years of industrial instrumentation and automation experience and can help you source the products you need to maximize production and testing processes.

Emergency Stop & Stop Controls

Quickly stop automated processes in the event of an emergency by pushing a button or pulling a rope. We carry a variety of products, including:

  • Illuminated emergency stop buttons
  • Panel mount emergency stop buttons
  • Safety cable pull switches and stop switches

Safety Accessories

We provide a variety of machine safety accessories, including:

  • Safety light curtain emitters and receivers
  • Mounting kits for light safety devices
  • Safety light curtain enclosures

Safety Controllers

Safety controllers improve the safety of start and stop functions to help prevent accidents and injuries when working with hazardous equipment. We provide the following:

  • Safety controllers
  • Safety relays
  • Modular gate switches
  • Modular trapped key interlocks

Safety Laser Scanners

Safety laser scanners use laser beams to detect the presence of people and objects in a specified area. Place the scanners throughout your facility to create a safe work environment for all your employees.

  • Continuous scan safety laser scanners

Safety Light Curtains

Safety light curtains guard machine perimeters and access points with a sensing screen. We stock Type 2 and Type 4 safety level curtains in options including:

  • Heavy-duty light curtains
  • Compact safety light curtains
  • Perimeter guarding light curtains
  • Safety grid systems

Safety Limit & Interlock Switches

Safety limit switches create positively operated switching contacts to verify the position of moving parts and machine elements. Interlock switches are designed to monitor the position of guards and gates and improve safety by controlling power or preventing machines from operating when the guard is open. Select from several styles and actuator types. Options include:

  • Safety limit switches
  • Magnetic safety interlock switches
  • Hinge interlock switches
  • Compact interlock switches
  • Safety gate switch interlocks
  • Modular gate switches
  • Non-contact switches
  • Modular trapped key interlocks

Safety Relays

Safety relays implement safety functions to help reduce the risk of injury in hazardous situations. Typical functions include emergency shutoff, guard position monitoring, stopping movement, and interrupting closing movements.

  • Interface safety relays
  • Universal input safety relays
  • Guard monitoring safety relays
  • Two-hand control safety relays
  • Safe speed monitoring relays
  • Muting safety relay
  • Pressure-sensitive safety mat relays

Safety Software

Configure and monitor machine safety and controller industrial instrumentation with safety software. We provide the following products:

  • Safety controller software
  • Laser scanner software

Two-Hand Controls

Two-hand controls require both hands for operation to improve machine operator safety in dangerous work environments. Select from:

  • Two-hand control run bars
  • Self-checking safety touch buttons
  • Two-hand control safety modules

Order Process and Control Instrumentation for Improved Machine Safety

Branom offers several machine safety products designed to work with your existing equipment and process control instrumentation. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Setra Systems Inc (dba Gems Sensors)
65800 Series Single Channel Zener Barrier, +15VDC


243.00 243.0 USD
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4,156.00 4156.0 USD
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6,921.00 6921.0 USD
On Hand: 0
5,778.00 5778.0 USD
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4,688.00 4688.0 USD
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4,530.00 4530.0 USD
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4,116.00 4116.0 USD
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3,700.00 3700.0 USD
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4,981.00 4981.0 USD
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Banner Engineering Corp
Safety Controller: Expandable, XS26-ISDd


1,370.00 1370.0 USD
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634.00 634.0 USD
On Hand: 0
93.00 93.0 USD
On Hand: 0
4,808.00 4808.0 USD
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Banner Engineering Corp
Sx Safety Scanner Accessory, SXA-WIN


375.00 375.0 USD
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Banner Engineering Corp
Sx Safety Scanner Accessory, SXA-RM-10


286.00 286.0 USD
On Hand: 0
Banner Engineering Corp
Sx Safety Scanner Accessory, SXA-RM-70


286.00 286.0 USD
On Hand: 0
Banner Engineering Corp
Sx5 Series Safety Laser Scanner, Remote, SX5-R


4,808.00 4808.0 USD
On Hand: 0
Banner Engineering Corp
Sx5 Series Safety Laser Scanner, Master, SX5-M10


6,163.00 6163.0 USD
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Banner Engineering Corp
Sx5 Series Safety Laser Scanner, Master, SX5-M70


6,287.00 6287.0 USD
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6,656.00 6656.0 USD
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569.00 569.0 USD
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1,538.00 1538.0 USD
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25.00 25.0 USD
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291.00 291.0 USD
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