Liquid Analysis Sensors

For decades, industries from food and beverage to chemical production have relied on the data from liquid process instrumentation to monitor processes. The liquid analysis sensors used in these applications have a critical role in monitoring fluid parameters, including pH, turbidity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, suspended solids, and overall water quality.

Today’s sensors feature technology that allows operators to manage processes more efficiently and make continuous improvements to processes. The availability of different sensor materials, electrodes, and other components provide a solution for nearly every application and operating environment.

Monitor Critical Parameters in Real-Time with Liquid Analytics Sensors

Branom Instrument Co. is an authorized distributor of liquid analytical products from manufacturers including Thermo Fisher ScientificKROHNE, and Van London Co. We pride ourselves with supplying process instrumentation from trusted brands and provide full technical support for sensor setup, operation, and maintenance.

Liquid analysis sensors are designed to operate in a range of temperatures and conditions. If you don’t see a sensor listed that meets your requirements, please contact us with your specifications and we’ll work with you to source the right solution for your application.

  • pH Sensors: Designed for potentiometric analysis in wastewater, potable water, process water, pure water, and fluids used in food and beverage or pharmaceutical applications.
  • ORP Sensors: Measure oxidation reduction potential in liquids.
  • Conductivity Sensors:  Select from conductive or inductive sensors with various types of electrodes and body materials to accommodate a range of applications.
  • Dissolved Oxygen Sensors: We offer polarographic and galvanic electrode sensors to measure dissolved oxygen levels in process and laboratory applications.
  • Suspended Solids Sensors: These liquid analysis sensors use optical measurement to monitor suspended solids levels in sanitary and wastewater applications.
  • Disinfectant Sensors: Designed for water and wastewater applications, these sensors provide potentiostatic amperometric measurement of ozone, chlorine dioxide, and free chlorine.
  • Turbidity Sensors: Monitor optical turbidity in any water or wastewater application.  These liquid analytical sensors are designed for insertion or immersion.

Trusted Solutions for Water and Process Liquid Analysis 

With the most comprehensive offering of Liquid Analytics and process instrumentation in the Pacific Northwest, you can count on Branom for your liquid analysis solutions. Our team works with customers across all industries and has the expertise to help you find the best analytical sensor for your application. Please contact our team to discuss your unique requirements. 

Thermo Orion Inc.
AquaPro Multi-Channel Transmitter, No Card, 24 VDC


897.00 897.00 897.0 USD
On Hand: 7
Thermo Orion Inc.
AquaPro Multi-Channel Transmitter, NO CARD (90-240 VAC)


1,083.00 1,083.00 1083.0 USD
On Hand: 6
Thermo Orion Inc.
RDO Pro-X sensor with Modbus RTU (RS485) interface and 30 ’ (10 m) cable


1,923.00 1,923.00 1923.0 USD
On Hand: 6
Thermo Orion Inc.
AquaPro Multi-Channel Transmitter, pH, 90-240 VAC


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On Order: 5
Thermo Orion Inc.


2,873.00 2,873.00 2873.0 USD
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Chase Instrument Company


39.00 39.00 39.0 USD
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Thermo Orion Inc.
AnalogPlus Differential ORP Sensor CPVC 30ft Cable


861.00 861.00 861.0 USD
On Hand: 3