Motor Soft Starters

The in-rush current and torque surges that occur during motor start-up can shock and damage mechanical systems.  Connecting a soft starter between an AC electric motor and power supply helps prevent potential issues by slowly increasing voltage during start-up. Allowing motors to come to full speed gradually helps extend their operating life and reduces costly downtime caused by mechanical issues.  

A Reliable, Low-Cost Solution for Improved AC Motor Control

Branom Instrument Co. has over 70 years of process instrumentation experience. We stock the largest inventory of automation projects in the Pacific Northwest and source our AC motor soft starters Danfoss and other high-quality brands. If we don’t have the exact product you need in stock, let us know, and we’ll help you source the products you need.

Compact AC Motor Soft Starters

We offer the full line of Danfoss VLT® soft starters for electric motors. These AC motor soft starters have a compact, space-saving design and offer several advantages, including DIN rail mounting, quick programming, and easy connectivity to Ethernet/IP-based networks.  Use Danfoss soft starters to stop, accelerate, or reserve electrical motors in your automation applications.  

  • VLT® MCD 100 Soft Start Controller: A cost-effective and compact motor soft starter providing to 480 starts per hour without derating.

  • VLT® MCD200 Compact Soft Starter: This version features more motor protection functions than the MCD 100. A built-in bypass automatically connects motors to the main supply to minimize loss under full load operation.

  • VLT® MCD 500 Soft Starter: Consider this your go-to solution for three-phase asynchronous motors. Features of this AC motor soft starter include adapted acceleration control and integrated protection like phase error detection and bypass contact overload

Order Best-In-Class Solutions from An Authorized Soft Starter Supplier

Branom is an authorized motor soft starter distributor known for stocking high-quality products from trusted brands. Our expert team offers technical service on all the product lines we carry. We also have a customer service team available 24/7 to help you with everyday questions and troubleshooting.

Contact us for help finding a motor soft starter based on your load type and working voltage specifications. A Reliable, Low-Cost Solution for Improved AC Motor Control

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