Temperature Controllers

Temperature control systems use various types of temperature controllers to monitor and control temperature fluctuations. Controllers are automatic temperature instruments that require minimal operator involvement. They receive input from RTDs, thermocouples, and other sensors and then compare the readings to the setpoint. If the temperature is too low or high, the controller sends an output that either triggers an alarm or adjusts a heating or cooling element to bring the temperature back into the desired range.

Common types of temperature controllers include basic on/off, digital PID, limit, and ramp/soak controllers.  Ramp/soak controllers provide extra versatility with an option to set different time intervals and temperature and power settings based on your application requirements. PID controllers provide proportional with integral and derivative control for continuous temperature monitoring and control and are used for various industrial applications.  

Automatic controllers are an important part of a temperature control system but there are other field instruments required to complete your system. Transmitters provide an interface between various pieces of equipment, and thermometers are useful for local monitoring of temperature applications. There are also insulative and heat-producing materials that can help maintain temperatures within pipes, tanks and other components to prevent freezing in extreme temperatures.

Controllers and Field Instruments for Monitoring Temperature Control Systems

Branom Instrument Co. has the inventory and expertise to provide you with the best solutions for your temperature control applications. We offer a broad range of temperature controllers and instruments from trusted manufacturers, including WatlowWestRed Lion, and Krohne. Select from various configurations with analog, solid-state, switched DC/mechanical, or no-arc hybrid outputs.

Our temperature controller options include:

  • Single Loop Controllers
  • Multiple Loop Controllers
  • Limit Controllers
  • Process Indicators

Learn More About Our Temperature Control Solutions

We work with the best instrumentation manufacturers in the business to deliver high-quality temperature and process instrumentation solutions for all applications. If we don’t have the exact item you need in stock, we’ll source it for you! Our team also offers technical service and calibration to keep your instruments in prime operating condition.

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