Temperature Switches

Temperature switches are used to open and close switch contacts once the preset temperature is reached. These instruments come in electronic and mechanical styles and feature a sensor that is immersed in the process liquid, or gas, that needs monitoring.

Use temperature switches to monitor temperature variations and ensure operating temperatures do not exceed predefined limits. Industrial and technical applications for temperature switches include oil and gas, chemical, water and wastewater, marine, food production, and general manufacturing.

Mechanical and Electronic Temperature Switches

Branom Instrument Co. is an authorized distributor and manufactures rep. of temperature switches from BarksdaleASCOSolon, and WIKA. Our inventory includes standard and compact models, including water-tight and explosion-proof options.  

Select from mechanical and electronic switches, either with or without a digital display and in various setpoint ranges and enclosure styles. Available sensor types for temperature switches include local mount probe, remote bulb, and bi-metallic element.  

Learn More About Temperature Switches and Instrumentation from Branom

Our extensive inventory of process instrumentation includes temperature switches and accessories from top manufacturers. We offer high-quality solutions for all your temperature monitoring needs and provide troubleshooting, repair, and other Technical Services to keep your devices operational.

Contact us to discuss the temperature switch that meets your needs.

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