Machine Vision

Machine vision automation and instrumentation devices provide an intuitive user interface and have intelligent features for simple and complex applications. This technology is used with robotics and process control instrumentation to capture and process imagery. The images are then used to provide operational guidance and improve the efficiency of complex processes.

Use machine vision devices to improve process monitoring, pass-fail testing, and other manufacturing and inspection processes in your facility.

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Machine Vision Technology for Industrial Automation Processes

Branom Instrument Co. has over 70 years of experience in industrial instrumentation and automation. We work with Banner Engineering and other leading manufacturers to provide innovative process control instrumentation solutions. Our instrument automation solutions include sensors, controllers, barcode readers, scanners, and other devices that integrate with your existing machinery and technology.

Barcode Readers

Barcode readers provide accurate inventory management and reliable traceability for applications involving packaged goods. Products include laser barcode scanners and image-based barcode readers.

Smart Cameras

Maximize location, analysis, and inspection capabilities with one-piece sensors and two-piece camera systems.

Vision Controllers

Inspect multiple features simultaneously and solve complex applications using location, inspection, and analysis tools.

Vision Lighting

Detect changes in depth, illuminate objects and surface angles, and create backlighting with uniform brightness. Products include spot lights, backlights, ring lights, area lights, and laser lights.

Vision Sensors

Vision sensors are self-contained photoelectric sensors that are effective at performing automated inspections and easier to use than complex vision systems.

Vision Software and Firmware

Our selection includes Microsoft Windows-based vision sensor software that is easy for novice and advanced users to set up and navigate.

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Branom supplies a wide variety of machine vision devices and other controls and automation instruments to help you maximize efficiency and improve safety. 
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