Encoders are an essential component of high-speed, high-volume industrial automation applications. These devices convert motion into electrical feedback signals read by a control device to measure changes in position, speed, count, direction, and linear distance.

Typical applications for encoders include robotics, packaging, manufacturing, speed sensing, and more. All encoders have the same basic function, but there are different styles, including rotary, linear, position, and optical. These styles are further categorized by absolute, incremental, and energy harvesting encoders. The type of encoder you require for industrial automation processes depends on the requirements for monitoring the movement and position of an object.

Branom carries encoders from leading manufacturers like Red Lion, Dynapar, and Turck. Our inventory includes absolute incremental, miniature, and heavy-duty encoders in standard mounting styles. Choose from magnetic or optical technology, including non-contact and hazardous area encoder options.

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Absolute Encoders

Absolute encoders generate a stream of digital codes to measure actual position. These encoders retain the correct position in the event of a power failure without requiring homing at startup. Our inventory includes optical and magnetic absolute encoders from Dynapar in several different mounting styles.

Incremental Encoders

An incremental encoder generates binary pulses proportional to the rotation of a shaft to measure speed, relative position, and direction. These industrial automation devices provide high-resolution position feedback but do not output absolute position. We carry optical and magnetic incremental encoders from Dynapar in several different mounting options.

Energy Harvesting Encoders

Energy harvesting encoders feature technology that allows operation without a battery or gears, eliminating worries about wear-prone gears and frequent battery replacement. We provide analog, CANopen, and SSI output energy harvesting encoders from Turck.

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