Stroboscopes deliver highly accurate, non-contact inspection of machinery, automated processes, and moving objects. Use these portable testing devices to detect worn springs, belts, and other issues during preventative maintenance inspections.

Handheld Stroboscopes for Visual Inspection Anywhere

Branom Instrument Co. is an authorized distributor of visual inspection instrumentation from Shimpo and other trusted and well-known manufacturers. We offer handheld stroboscopes in both flash tube and LED models, including options designed for harsh environments. Our product selection also includes a variety of stroboscope accessories, including chargers, replacement batteries, and flash tubes.

Select from these options and more: 

  • AC-Powered Digital Stroboscopes: Use these devices in handheld or mounted applications where you need to measure, observe, and inspect moving parts. Flash bulb design features an LED display and detachable handle.
  • Battery-Powered Digital Stroboscopes: Designed for portability, these stroboscopes come in models with an internal or external rechargeable battery. Flash tube design with an LED display and sturdy handle.
  • High-Intensity LED Stroboscopes: Select this option for machinery process inspection in dark or poorly lit areas. These handheld stroboscopes are available in battery-operated and AC-powered models.
  • Harsh Usage LED Stroboscopes: The rugged, sealed design of these stroboscopes enables use in wet or harsh operating environments. Battery operated, flash bulb design with LED display.

We Offer Trusted Solutions for Equipment Monitoring and Maintenance

We work with trusted manufacturers to bring you handheld stroboscopes and other instrumentation for all your testing and monitoring needs. Our dedicated service team also offers technical assistance and support to assist with calibration, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Contact us to learn more about our inventory or to discuss your requirements. 

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