• Motors & Gears
  • Fiber Optic Amplifiers
  • Fiber Optics
  • Inclination
  • Laser Distance Measurement
  • Linear Position
  • Measuring Arrays
  • Photoelectric
  • Pick-to Light
  • Proximity & Magnetic
  • Radar
  • Registration Mark, Color & Luminescence
  • Slot & Part Sensing Arrays
  • Temperature & Vibration
  • Ultrasonic Sensors

Industrial Automation Sensors

Sensors have the critical function of detecting and measuring the presence, distance, and other factors in industrial automation processes. The data collected by these sensors is then used to monitor and manage operations.

Control and Automation Sensors for Industrial Manufacturing

Branom is a trusted distributor with over 70 years’ experience in manufacturing and automation. Our extensive inventory of industrial instrumentation and automation products includes sensors from Banner EngineeringKrohne, DynaparRed Lion, Cornell Co-Pilot, Metrix and Turck. If we don’t have the exact product you need in stock, we’ll work with our suppliers to source the sensors and other industrial instrumentation you need for your application.

Fiber Optic Amplifiers

Fiber optic amplifiers amplify optical signals directly from fiber optic sensors and have a compact design that allows them to be fit and positioned in small areas. We carry fiber optic amplifiers from Banner Engineering. Available products include:

  • Discrete output fiber optic amplifiers
  • Discrete/analog output fiber optic amplifiers

Fiber Optic Sensors

Fiber optic sensors have optical fiber sensing elements that relay signals for processing. We carry an inventory of glass and plastic fiber optics from Banner Engineering with an option of in-line or right-angle beam exit and four different housing styles.


Inclination sensors are sensors that measure angles relative to gravity. They can be mems-based or non-mems-based, and can be purchased for single-axis or dual-axis measurement angles. Output options for inclination sensors include analog voltage, analog current, IO-Link, CANopen, and PNP.

Laser Distance Measurement Sensors

Laser distance measurement sensors provide non-contact distance measurement for positioning, type classification, and process control. Our options from Banner Engineering and Krohne include:

  • Discrete sensors
  • Analog sensors
  • IO-link sensors

Linear Position Sensors

Linear position sensors are non-contact sensors that accurately measure linear displacement. We carry products from Banner Engineering, Dynapar, and Turck, including:

  • Laser diode sensors
  • Potentiometer position sensors
  • Proximity sensors

Measuring Arrays

Measuring arrays are photoelectric sensors used in profiling, inspection, and process monitoring applications to measure and determine the position of objects. Our measuring arrays from Banner Engineering include:

  • Measuring light curtains
  • High-resolution measuring light curtains
  • Two-piece measuring light curtains

Photoelectric Sensors (Photo Eyes)

Photoelectric sensors emit visible or infrared light beams to detect the presence, absence, or distance of objects in automated operations. We carry Banner Engineering and Red Lion photo eyes, including:

  • All-purpose sensors
  • High power sensors
  • Contrast sensors
  • Proximity sensors
  • Retroreflective sensors
  • Opposed beam sensors
  • Diffuse sensors

Pick-to-Light Sensors

Pick-to-light sensors are lighting systems that help direct workers to the location of items on warehouse shelves. These sensors help increase the speed and accuracy of retrieving products from warehouse shelves, storage containers, and receptacles by directing workers to the correct shelves. We offer pick-to-light sensors in several configurations from Banner Engineering.

Inductive & Magnetic Sensors

Inductive sensors and magnetic sensors are on-contact devices that use critical distance to sense the presence or absence of objects. Our inventory of proximity sensors includes several models from Banner Engineering, Turck, and Red Lion.

Radar Sensors

Radar sensors are used to detect moving and stationary objects under various weather conditions. These sensors are also frequently used as collision prevention devices for forklifts and other types of machinery.

We carry a selection of radar sensors from Banner Engineering, Flowline and Krohne, including:

  • Narrow and wide beam sensors
  • High sensitivity radar sensors
  • Narrow beam/high sensitivity sensors
  • Cargo level radar sensors

Registration, Mark, Color & Luminescence Sensors

Registration, mark, color, and luminescence sensors are sensors that detect the printed registration marks on packaging. We stock several products from Banner Engineering, including:

  • Fiber optic models
  • Rugged housing sensors
  • Compact sensors

Slot Sensors & Part Sensing Arrays

Slot sensors and part sensing arrays are used to detect objects that pass between an emitter and receiver positioned across from each other. Our inventory includes several options from Banner Engineering, including:

  • Sensor array bars
  • Wide area part sensing arrays
  • Rugged metal slot sensors
  • Compact part verification arrays
  • Label detection sensors
  • Fixed-distance slot sensors

Temperature & Vibration Sensors

These control and automation sensors measure temperature and vibration for use in test and automation applications. Some sensors are also designed to measure temperature and vibration simultaneously. Our inventory includes several products from Metrix, Watlow, Banner Engineering, Red Lion, Barksdale, Noshok, and WIKA, including:

  • High-temperature accelerometers
  • High-frequency accelerometers
  • High-temperature velocity sensors
  • Low-profile accelerometers
  • Piezo-velocity sensors
  • Resistance temperature detectors (RTDs),
  • Thermocouples
  • Thermistors.
  • Temperature sensor probes available with or without io-link
  • Temperature transmitters with display
  • Thermocouples and RTDs with optional transmitters

Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic sensors transmit and receive ultrasonic signals to measure distance and detect objects of varying sizes and shapes, including transparent and high-gloss objects. We carry an inventory of sensors from Banner Engineering, Flowline and Krohne, including:

  • Chemical resistant sensors
  • Barrel ultrasonic sensors
  • Waterproof sensors
  • High-speed sensors
  • Wireless ultrasonic sensors

Contact Branom for Controls and Automation Sensors

Branom is a trusted provider of industrial instrumentation and automation devices. We stock a vast inventory of products from leading manufacturers and have the expertise to help you find the exact products you need for your manufacturing and testing applications. Contact us to discuss your application requirements.

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Red Lion Controls, Inc.
0.875" C-Face Encoder 56C 1024 PPR


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Red Lion Controls, Inc.
0.875" C-Face Encoder 56C 256 PPR


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PSA8B - 30 mm Threaded Proximity Sensor


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