Hydrostatic (Pressure) Transmitters

Hydrostatic pressure level sensors, also called depth gauges, are designed for measuring the level of corrosive liquids in deep tanks or water in reservoirs. These sensors can be submersible or externally mounted, and are suitable for a variety of applications. Branom offers pressure transmitters from trusted suppliers, such as Dwyer, Wika, Autrol, Asco, and Noshok.

Branom is Your Level Sensor Supplier

Level instrumentation is critical for many applications, and finding the right solution can be difficult. At Branom, we carry an extensive selection of instrumentation and have the expertise to help you find the best solution for your specific needs. Contact us today to get started on finding the right solution for you.

Evoqua Water Technologies LLC
SENSOR,FLOW;5 LB;DISP Reference #: 6012950002


849.23 849.23 849.23 USD
On Hand: 0
Evoqua Water Technologies LLC
HOUSING, A1000 40' CABLE, CRCT ASSY, APP SPEC; # 6012640004


338.46 338.46 338.46 USD
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Wika Instrument Lp
Cable Straining Clamp for Submersible Level Transmitters


76.69 76.69 76.69 USD
On Hand: 5
Wika Instrument Lp
Cable Junction Box, NEMA 4/IP67, DIN RAIL OR WALL MOUNT


127.97 127.97 127.97 USD
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Rosemount Inc
1199 Remote Seals


1,272.90 1,272.90 1272.9 USD
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